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Natural stone pavers are strong, beautiful and durable outdoor pavers. In Australia, they’re primarily used for prestige paving projects around the house, the garden, for driveways and around pools. Natural paving stones add a sense of style and luxury to any commercial or residential building project or landscape design.

Thinking of using stone pavers to your outdoor areas? Let Armstone help you find the perfect paving stones that suit the design of your space and the purpose of their use. Armstone is Sydney’s leading supplier of quality natural stone pavers, sourced from around the world. We have a large selection of travertine, granite, marble, limestone, bluestone and sandstone pavers for you to choose from.

When selecting stone pavers, you need to consider not just the way they look, but also their texture, colour, variation and sizes of the paving units, keeping in mind where they will be used.

Granite, bluestone and quartz are stronger types of natural stone. These pavers are ideal for high-traffic areas such as driveways. Sandstone, travertine and limestone are popular stone pavers to use around the home, garden, patios and entertainment areas.

Looking for pool pavers? We can help you select natural stone pavers with non-slip surfaces, some of which are also suitable for use around salt-water pools.

Have a look through the categories of natural stone pavers below to find the paver that suits your needs. Not sure what’s best for your project? Get in touch. We’lll give you expert advice and answer all your questions.

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If you’re looking to transform your backyard, pool surrounds or other outdoor areas with a timeless and classic design, then travertine pavers may be the perfect choice.

Travertine is a light-coloured, calcium-based rock deposited by mineral springs, particularly found in limestone caves or at the mouth of hot springs. For centuries, travertine was used as a building material in Italy and ancient Europe. It’s now an increasingly popular exterior paving and decoration material that creates a beautiful worn look.

The travertine pavers we stock at Armstone have a timeless quality that works well with both traditional and contemporary architecture and provides an attractive natural look to suit any style.

Some of the greatest advantages of travertine pavers are their natural non-slip surface and the fact they stay cool even when exposed to direct sunlight all day. In Australia, where temperatures can really soar, who doesn’t like having cool pavers to walk on barefoot? The traction of these porous pavers actually increases when they are wet. In addition, travertine is salt tolerant and the pavers feel soft to walk on. All these qualities make travertine the ideal choice if you’re looking for pavers around your swimming pool.

Travertine pavers are strong, durable, low-maintenance pavers that are easy on the eyes even on the brightest of days. They’re a popular choice not just for pool surrounds, but also for walkways, patios and outdoor entertainment areas.

Travertine is a material that doesn’t fade. These pavers have a consistent colour variation and thickness. Not only are they ideal in a hot climate, they can also withstand freezing temperatures and will not crack. Sealing your travertine pavers will protect the stone, bring out the colours and prevent stains from penetrating into the natural stone.

To get a true feel for how they can transform your outdoor areas, we invite you to view our range of travertine pavers at our Rozelle showroom.

Limestone pavers are classic pavers that are cut from natural limestone blocks. They quickly add beauty and sophistication to any interior space or outdoor area, whether it’s for residential properties or commercial projects.

A testament to the forces of nature that formed this remarkable stone from the remains of ancient sea creatures, limestone is not only beautiful to look at but also remarkably durable and hardwearing. In addition, limestone pavers have water-absorbing properties, creating a natural non-slip surface.

Limestone has been a key construction material throughout the centuries. Some of the most important global landmarks were made of limestone, including the pyramids of Egypt and much of the classic architecture found in ancient Rome and Greece.

With its sultry depths, limestone is an excellent choice of material to use outdoors if you want to achieve a lavish look. Limestone pavers can withstand extreme temperatures and are ideal for creating elegant walkways through the garden. They make attractive courtyards, patios and entertainment areas, and also create stunning pool surrounds. Compared to travertine, limestone is less porous so the surface of the pavers is generally a little denser and smoother.

Home owners love limestone for its sophisticated look and earthy tones. Armstone’s collection of limestone pavers comes in a variety of shades and eye-catching colour variations – from cool and opaque to warm and bright. Choose limestone paving in a tumbled finish, acid-washed finish or sandblasted finish to suit your design.

We invite you to view our striking range of limestone pavers either online or instore at our Rozelle showroom.

Marble adds beauty and sophistication to any interior space or outdoor area. Whereas smooth marble tiles are perfect for your internal spaces, outdoors you’d be looking at marble pavers, which Armstone presents to you on this page.

The luxurious look and tremendous durability of marble pavers are a testament to the forces of nature that formed this remarkable natural stone. Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone. It is created in a natural process in the earth’s crust where the original stone is recrystallised under enormous pressure and heat. The resulting stone is incredibly dense and consists of an interlocking mosaic of minute crystals, giving marble its unmistakable look.

As marble is one of the most durable natural stones, marble pavers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sophisticated natural stone paver that will last for generations. The ancient Greeks and Romans used marble to construct the most majestic buildings, which still stand in all their glory today. The iconic Taj Mahal makes extensive use of marble as well. You, too, can achieve this opulent look around your home or commercial property.

Marble pavers will undoubtedly make your property stand out and create a lasting impression. It’s a stunning material to use if you want to add elegance to your outdoor entertainment area, patio or walkways through your garden. Armstone’s outdoor marble pavers come with a tumbled or sandblasted finish to add grip and minimise slips.

When combined with an anti-slip surface treatment, marble pavers can also be great for pool surrounds. Because marble stays quite cool when it’s hot, is salt tolerant, and easy on the eyes, marble pavers are very suitable indeed for our harsh Australian climate.

Marble is low maintenance, easy to clean and has a certain natural resistance to stains and bacteria. It can be laid on compacted road base as well as on sand screed. Your initial investment in marble pavers will be recouped over the years thanks to their minimal care requirements and their durability that guarantees your pavers will last several lifetimes.

View Armstone’s selection of outdoor marble pavers online or instore at our Rozelle showroom.

If you’re looking for a premium stone surface for your outdoor areas that’s easy on the eye, yet extremely durable and hardwearing, it’s hard to go past granite pavers. Because granite is the hardest natural stone used in construction, granite pavers are among the most suitable paving materials for driveways and commercial applications.

Granite is a type of igneous rock, formed during millions of years through cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar, this hard volcanic stone is a popular building stone particularly for those looking for extreme durability.

Granite is an ideal natural stone paving material for both indoor and outdoor applications for residential as well as commercial projects. Its fundamental strength and density makes this hard-wearing paver perfect for heavy-use outdoor areas. Granite pavers are highly resistant to scratching and abrasion and can withstand huge amounts of weight and pressure. In addition, they are very easy to maintain.

Armstone’s range of granite pavers have a flamed finish, which means the textured surface has non-slip qualities, making the pavers very suitable for use around your pool, as a pathway, on your patio, courtyard or other outdoor area. Being very weather-resistant, they can endure cold temperatures and heavy downpours.

Granite is a natural stone with speckles or flecks through it, and Armstone carries both a range of raven and grey granite pavers for you to choose from. Our pavers have a flamed finish, come in a range of shapes and sizes and you can select a thickness ranging from 12mm to 30mm.

To pull together the granite look around your property, Armstone also offers granite tiles for use indoors, and granite pool coping to finish off your poolside paving. Whether your residential or commercial property has a traditional or contemporary design, granite pavers will give it a quality look and feel that will literally last for several lifetimes.

For more information and specifications of our granite pavers, browse the range highlighted on this page or visit Armstone’s showroom to see them for yourself.

With their naturally beautiful grey-blue hues, their versatility and hardwearing durability, bluestone pavers are understandably a popular choice in the building industry and among home owners for outdoor paving projects. They give any property a modern, contemporary look.

Bluestone is a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure. This basalt stone is composed largely of plagioclase with amounts of pyroxene and olivine minerals. The volcanic rock that bluestone pavers are made of has been formed and hardened over millions of years, making them incredibly dense and strong.

Bluestone pavers come in natural dark blue, grey and charcoal hues. Thanks to their cool colours, with only a minimum of colour variation, bluestone pavers can give a contemporary feel to outdoor areas without detracting from garden environments. This makes them ideal for use in garden paths, driveways, patios and as stepping stones.

Armstone’s bluestone pavers are extremely strong and durable. The hard natural stone enables these pavers to withstand heavy use and harsh weather. Because of their flamed non-slip surface, our natural bluestone pavers are also ideal for wet areas like pool surrounds.

Regardless of whether you’re into DIY or using a professional to pave your garden, you’ll be glad to know that bluestone pavers are easy and cost-effective to lay, making this an easy choice if you’re looking for contemporary, affordable, hassle-free paving.

If you like the look of bluestone pavers for your garden, courtyard or entertainment area, you can combine them with our bluestone cobblestones and even carry through the same look indoors with Armstone’s bluestone tiles for your internal floors.

Our natural bluestone pavers come in a range of sizes, colours and textures to suit your needs. Browse our collection on this page or come visit our showroom in Rozelle.

Sandstone is a light-coloured natural stone that blends well with a variety of different landscaping environments. With a beautiful finish and vibrant, natural colours, sandstone pavers are the perfect choice for footpaths, patios, gardens and entertainment areas.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting of quartz or sand grains of mineral or rock, cemented together with organic particles. It is a common type of rock found in sedimentary basins around the world and is often used in the building industry. Sandstone is very durable, has a natural organic appearance and is typically tan, gold, yellow, red or brown in colour.

With their warm and natural, earthy look, sandstone pavers are commonly used to create an elegant, formal look in landscaping and for outdoor entertainment areas such as patios and courtyards. Sandstone is a timeliness material that looks great in both modern and traditional property and landscape designs.

At Armstone, we stock natural sandstone pavers in a range of colours, sizes and textures so you can create the design of your dreams for your outdoor spaces. We source our quality sandstone from Australian as well as Indian and Himalayan quarries to offer you a wide choice of profiles and colours. Our pavers are available in a honed, sandblasted, sawn or natural finish.

Armstone’s sandstone paver collection includes Teakwood, a natural stone from India that mimics the look of wood; Himalayan, both natural and honed with its beautiful mint hues; and Sydney sandstone, with its vivid colours and distinctive Sydney feel.

Browse the selection of pavers on this page or come see the complete range of sandstone pavers at our Rozelle showroom. We invite you to drop in soon and discuss your ideas with our expert team.

If you don’t like the neat look of straight, even pavers, crazy paving may be the perfect solution for your outdoor area. Crazy pavers, also known as random pavers, are just that: a mixed collection of natural stones in different shapes and sizes. Crazy paving is a very flexible product that allows you to create your own patterns and designs, providing depth and texture to any area.

What makes crazy pavers so popular is the ability to combine large pieces of natural stone with smaller pieces and lay them any way you like to achieve a truly unique design. Because of the irregular shapes, you’ll get a natural, dynamic look. They are also the perfect solution if you want natural stone pavers laid in curved areas of your garden.

Crazy paving can be used for all your outdoor paving requirements, from garden paths and walkways to patios, courtyards and driveways. We also stock crazy wall cladding. Use the natural stone that best suits the style of your property so the random pavers will complement the look of your home and garden.

Most of Armstone’s crazy paving stones come as loose pieces in varying sizes. If you need some more smaller stones or you need a specific shape or size to complete your design, you can chip away at the stone to shape it to your liking. This flexibility is the true beauty of crazy pavers.

We also stock crazy stones that are already glued to a mesh background and come in shaped pieces. They are designed so each tile interlocks with the surrounding pieces to create a seamless finish. This solution saves on installation costs as you don’t need to cut your pieces and lay them individually. This makes laying crazy paving a quick and easy job, although it limits your opportunities to create your own shapes like you can do with our loose pieces.

At Armstone, our collection of random pavers includes Pianura bluestone with a smooth anti-slip finish, sandstone pavers with a sawn finish, and hand-split sandstone crazy paving with a natural finish.

Call or visit us to find out how you can use crazy paving to create an interesting, organic look around your property.

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