Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are strong, beautiful and durable outdoor pavers. In Australia, they’re primarily used for prestige paving projects around the house, garden, for driveways and around pools. Outdoor stone paving adds a sense of style, luxury and sophistication to any commercial or residential building project or landscape design.

Thinking of using stone pavers for your outdoor space? Armstone can help you find the perfect paving stones that will undoubtedly blend in with the design of your space and the purpose of their use. At Armstone we believe in helping you create a timeless outdoors for your joy and happy times, we do this by closely working together with you to understand your unique project. Equipped with natural stone products from all around the world – our collections contain a selection of Marble pavers, Limestone pavers, Granite pavers, Travertine pavers, Bluestone pavers and crazy paving, Sandstone pavers and more.

When selecting stone pavers, you need to consider not just the way they look, but also their texture, colour, variation and sizes of the paving units, keeping in mind where they will be used and where they will last.

A range of our pavers are specifically pool tested, to ensure lasting quality and high slip resistance – when considering your pool area, safety is just as important as beauty.

Have a browse through our selection and get in touch with one of our experts with your questions.

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Our stone pavers are wildly popular for many reasons – one being they combine a classy and ageless look with modern materials and construction, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. This is in line with our core mission – to provide our customers with aesthetically and structurally superior products that will beautify their homes. While Armstone is known throughout NSW for providing some of Australia’s finest natural stone pavers, porcelain pavers, cobblestones, pool tiles, stone capping, garden pebbles and other outdoor products, we also offer high-quality indoor flooring products including indoor porcelain tiles and timber tiles.

In order to provide the highest quality and most attractive products, we source materials from around the world; our experts researching and locating the best examples of each product. Of equal importance to us is your safety when it comes to our product line, and as a result, we ensure that every aspect of the materials we offer is of the highest order.

For your convenience, our stunning display home in Glebe showcases many of our products in a true-to-life setting, allowing you to visualise how they will complement your existing or yet-to-be-built home. Contact us today to begin the process of creating a beautiful and safe home environment with our top-of-the-line stone pavement materials and other options.