Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are strong, beautiful and durable outdoor pavers. In Australia, they’re primarily used for prestige paving projects around the house, the garden, for driveways and around pools. Natural paving stones add a sense of style and luxury to any commercial or residential building project or landscape design.

Thinking of using stone pavers to your outdoor areas? Let Armstone help you find the perfect paving stones that suit the design of your space and the purpose of their use. Armstone is Sydney’s leading supplier of quality natural stone pavers, sourced from around the world. We have a large selection of travertine, granite, marble, limestone, bluestone and sandstone pavers for you to choose from.

When selecting stone pavers, you need to consider not just the way they look, but also their texture, colour, variation and sizes of the paving units, keeping in mind where they will be used.

Granite, bluestone and quartz are stronger types of natural stone. These pavers are ideal for high-traffic areas such as driveways. Sandstone, travertine and limestone are popular stone pavers to use around the home, garden, patios and entertainment areas.

Looking for pool pavers? We can help you select natural stone pavers with non-slip surfaces, some of which are also suitable for use around salt-water pools.

Have a look through the categories of natural stone pavers below to find the paver that suits your needs. Not sure what’s best for your project? Get in touch. We’lll give you expert advice and answer all your questions.

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About Armstone

Armstone is Sydney’s leading supplier of premium natural stones and porcelain products. Our range includes stone and porcelain tiles and pavers, wall cladding, cobblestones, wall capping, pool tiles and pavers, pool coping, stone treads, garden pebbles, stepping stones, pedestals, sealers and cleaners.

At Armstone, we stock top-quality materials from around the world. The natural stone materials we select promise enduring quality. Our natural stone experts are dedicated to sourcing only the finest products and we go out of our way to meet the needs of each and every customer.