Limestone Pavers

Like the name suggests, Limestone Pavers are pavers that are cut from large limestone blocks. Whether you are considering them for your interior decor or to install them in an outdoor area, they will instantly add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your space.

As a stone that is formed from the remains of ancient sea creatures, limestone is truly a testament to the forces of nature. A cream coloured, sultry natural stone, it is as beautiful to look at as it is durable and hard-wearing to use.

Throughout the centuries, limestone has been a key construction material. You would probably recognise it from the most prominent global landmarks including Egypt’s pyramids and the classic architecture found in ancient Rome and Greece.

From a practical perspective, limestone pavers can withstand extreme temperatures and are ideal for creating elegant walkways through the garden. They make attractive courtyards, patios and entertainment areas, and stunning pool surrounds.

Compared to travertine, limestone pavers are also less porous which makes their surface much denser and less prone to stains. So if you are looking for a low(er)-maintenance natural stone due to a busy lifestyle with a young or growing family, limestone may be the perfect choice for you.

Like all natural stones and pavers, no two limestones are the same. Depending on their density, colour and cut, some pavers are more superior than others. The general rule of thumb is this: if you invest in limestone that has a higher density than porosity, it will be more superior quality. This is a crucial consideration, especially for saltwater poolside areas where, if you invest in a low-quality limestone that is extremely soft and porous, it will disintegrate and crumble over a prolonged period of time. This will cost you more time and money to fix than if you initially invested in the correct stone for the area you are paving.

At Armstone we believe that you deserve only the best products money can buy which is why we take extreme care to source materials from the top suppliers all over the world. Our collection of limestone pavers are available in a variety of shades and eye-catching colour variations – from cool and opaque to warm and bright.

We know that your home is a special project and like no two people are alike, neither are any two homes. This is why our experts are trained to tailor a solution especially for you. Whether you’re looking for limestone paving in a tumbled, acid-washed or sandblasted finish – we can help you find the best product and finish for your project.

If you prefer to do your shopping online, you can browse our range of limestone pavers here. If, on the other hand, you are inspired by seeing and touching the stones, we would love to invite you to our Glebe showroom!

If you are stuck or unsure which paver would suit your home, we understand that with so much choice, making a decision can become overwhelming! We’ve spent 10 years working with customers just like you and would love to help simplify the process.

Contact us online or over the phone here for support and expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are limestone pavers?

Limestone pavers are pavers cut from limestone blocks. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of calcium carbonate, which is formed from the remains of shells and marine fossils that have been compressed over millions of years. Limestone also contains sand, silt and clay, and is available in a lovely assortment of colours.

Why limestone pavers?

Limestone pavers are strong, water-resistant and less porous than sandstone. As such, they are less prone to cracking, breaking and staining. They can also withstand extreme temperatures and thanks to their insulating properties, limestone pavers don’t get too cold in winter or too hot in summer. This makes them an ideal paver for Australia’s extreme climate and also perfect for bare feet. As no two limestones are ever the same, your floors will look unique and naturally beautiful.

How to clean limestone pavers?

The best way to remove excess dirt and debris when cleaning limestone pavers is by sweeping them regularly and then mopping them with water. For deeper clean use Aqua Mix – Stone Deep Clean. We also recommend resealing your pavers on a regular basis so as to prevent staining and protect the surface from damage.

How much are limestone pavers?

While limestone pavers are more expensive than other natural stone pavers, their longer lifespan is a huge advantage. So despite the higher initial cost, their durability makes them a better long-term investment. Like any natural materials, the exact cost of limestone pavers is based on the quality and rarity of the stone. We always recommend investing in limestone pavers that have a higher density as this adds to their longevity and makes them a more superior quality. If you need any help, reach out to us online or at 1300 560 560 for a complimentary and obligation free quote.

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