Stone Capping

Stone capping is the ultimate finishing touch to your stone retaining wall, fence, post or pillar. A feature wall wouldn’t look the same if you didn’t add matching natural capping stones to top it off. Our collection of natural stone capping suits all types of properties and landscape designs.

In addition to dressing a wall, fence, column or pier, stone capping has a variety of other uses. You can use our capping stones to create a stone hearth for your fireplace, for example. How about using them to give your steps that timeless natural look?

Natural stone capping really ties a landscape design together, creating a visual link between the horizontal and vertical aspects of your property’s exterior. It makes any wall look not just better but more stylish and complete. Besides enhancing the look, wall capping also helps protect your walls, fences, piers and columns.

At Armstone, Sydney’s leading supplier of natural stone products, our capping collection is wide ranging. You’ll find capping stones that suit the look you’re after and match or complement the stone you’ve used for your wall, fence or post.

Stone capping comes in a variety of styles, edges and finishes. Choose from rock-faced edges to split-faced, bull-nosed or squared edges. Depending on the type of stone used, the capping can be smooth faced, sandblasted, natural or acid washed. We’re happy to help you select the most suitable capping for your design.

Our range of stone capping includes Sydney Sandstone, Split-edged 40mm thick Limestone, Rustic Quartz or Slate with naturally split face and edge, to name just a few. Browse the selection on this page or to find out more, contact us with your questions or come visit Armstone’s showroom.

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Our Sydney showroom

In Armstone’s showroom in Glebe, you can view a large variety of natural stone products that have been installed in a way that shows you how they would appear in a home or garden setting.

Our showroom displays natural materials such as limestone, granite, travertine or sandstone tiles used as indoor flooring and wall treatments so you can walk on the tiles and touch the materials. Or head outdoors to get an idea of how our natural stone products will look in a garden setting. There are examples of loose wall cladding, stacked stone veneers, flooring, interior wall coverings, garden stepping stones, driveway cobblestones, pavers for the backyard and other products to enable you to get a clear idea of the different products that are available.