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About Spanish Pool Tiles

Picking the Perfect Pool Tiles

When you’re picking out glass pool tiles for your swimming pool or spa, it’s incredibly important because it impacts how long they’ll last and how good they’ll look. That’s why we always suggest going for premium glass pool tiles. They’re durable and sport a superb design that stands the test of time.

Why Plump for High-Quality Glass Pool Tiles?

When you splash out on a swimming pool, it has to be spot on from the start. You want something that’ll hold up for years without any drama. That’s why we have a top-notch range of Spanish glass pool tiles from leading mosaic pool manufacturers —ONIX and Ezarri over in Spain. They’re advocates of sustainable practices and their tiles deliver big on both looks and durability. They’re as kind to the planet as they are tough in your backyard.

 Stylish, Sustainable Pool Solutions

Our ONIX glass pool tiles are made of 98% recycled glass, great for environmentally conscious pool designs while Ezarri tiles boast 100% recycled glass. These Spanish glass pool tiles are manufactured to the highest Australian standards and come with robust quality controls to make sure they add value and joy to your family for years to come.

 Advanced Technology for Long-Lasting Beauty

The ONIX collection has antibacterial and hygienic properties, making maintenance easier and ensuring hygiene – perfect for families. Meanwhile, our Ezarri pool tiles come with a 25-year lifetime guarantee, covering aesthetics and durability, crucial for long-term satisfaction with your pool’s look and quality.


Installation and Aesthetic Excellence

Pool mosaic tiles are suitable for a variety of purposes. You can install them on either walls or floors of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and other water features like fountains or outdoor lakes. One of the many advantages of working with glass mosaic tiles is that they’re 4mm thick and are more lightweight than other glass mosaics. These qualities make installation easy and with beautifully fine corners and a thin grout joint, these Spanish glass tiles for pools will look (and feel) amazing around yours.

 Reliable Installation Systems

Another important consideration when choosing your glass pool tiles is checking their backing system for installation purposes. In the pool tiling industry, there are a few types of backings for mosaic tiles: mesh, paper-based, Jointpoint Panelling and the On Point (Dot) System. The most reliable of all these is the Jointpoint and On Point systems for many reasons. As the ONIX and Ezarri glass pool tiles utilise these systems, it’s another major reason why Armstone, a leading pool tile company, only supplies these Spanish pool mosaics.

 Grouting Innovation for Lasting Result

Ezarri pool tiles use a Jointpoint Panelling System that was developed in 1992. It marked a new era for installing pool tiles as it allowed for maximum surface grip (92% of the mosaic’s surface can be used for adhesive application), ease of installation, excellent finishes, and free from the contracting and expanding effects of moisture (which deteriorates the mosaics over time). Similarly, Armstone’s ONIX range uses a Dot Backing System, allows for 91% adhesion of the tile’s surface, has a high resistance to dampness, as well as extraordinary flexibility for different shapes and sizes and efficient installation.

 Why the Traces System is Game Changer for Pool Tiles

While Jointpoint Panelling and Dot-Mounted/On Point Systems are the go-tos for pool tiles, we do suggest a word of caution in the grouting process as oftentimes the grout peels after some time. This is both a safety and aesthetics concern. To avoid this, we recommend using the Traces System for grouting your mosaic glass pool tiles. 

The Traces System creates a maximum bond with the back of the glass swimming pool mosaic tiles and the substrate that it’s adhered to. As it doesn’t intrude into the grout joint, you can achieve full, uninterrupted grout coverage. It’s safe to say that the Traces System has revolutionised the swimming pool tile application and will save you time and money when installing either the ONIX or Ezarri pool tiles.

Your Dream Pool Aesthetic 

So, whether you want your swimming pool, spa or water feature to resemble a lagoon, resort, ocean, deep, dark lake, or to reflect every colour of the sky, you’ll find that our collection of Ezarri and ONIX pool tiles can cater to your every colour and design desire.

 Finish Off Your Outdoor Space

Much like our natural stone paver and structural porcelain pavers, we select our pool tiles based on the following trifactor: highest quality, pleasing aesthetic and unsurpassable safety. We’ve scoured the globe to find the best materials and designs that will breathe life and joy into your outdoor pool area.

Along with choosing your pool and glass pool tiles or mosaics, it’s important to find the best quality pavers and pool coping to complete your outdoor swimming pool or spa area. Our product range includes porcelain pavers and stone pavers, cobblestones, wall cladding, stone capping, garden pebbles, stepping stones and many accessories to complete your outdoor oasis.

Visit Our Pool Tiles Sydney Showroom

Browse our Spanish ONIX and Ezarri glass pool tile collections online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe to see the pool mosaics in person. We’d love to help guide you in this exciting process! We’d love to help guide you in this exciting process, and if you’re looking in Queensland, our Brisbane pool tiles collection is readily available with expert advice just a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass mosaic tiles for pools make your poolside look attractive while also delivering exceptional durability. If you’re trying to go for a vibrant, shimmering water effect, then these tiles are great and a popular choice for upscale pool designs.

Choosing pool tiles can be a daunting process, but there’s one question to get you started in the right direction: Are you tiling your entire pool or just the waterline? Your answer will direct you towards the right choice. Armstone offers a wide range of glass pool tiles in a range of colours and styles suitable for any project. For a full list of our pool tiles, visit our website today!

We’ve summarised pool tile cleaning into eight very simple steps:

1) Clean away the organic material.

2) Brush glass pool lines.

3) Use the right cleaning solutions.

4) Drain and clean once a year.

5) Use a pumice stone on tough stains.

6) Soda blast as a last resort.

7) Use a solar cover.

8) Take preventative measures.

For more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with us now.

There are several reasons why pool tiles fall off. The four most common ones are:

  1. Using an old and dated backing system.
  2. Applying the wrong type of adhesive during installation.
  3. Not using enough glue.
  4. Experiencing poor workmanship.

When you’re choosing pool tiles, bear in mind that not all glass tiles are the same. That’s why we offer a beautiful range of Spanish glass pool tiles. They’re made by Spain’s top supplier and happen to be one of Europe’s oldest glass mosaic makers. So, you can be sure you’re getting some of the best quality pool tiles out there.

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