Pool Tiles

When it comes to swimming pool tiles, not all tiles are created equal. At Armstone, we offer a beautiful collection of Spanish glass pool tiles created by Hisbalit Mosaico, the leading glass pool tiles manufacturer in Spain and one of the oldest glass mosaic manufacturers in Europe.

Our selection of Spanish pool tiles consists of the Niebla Collection, the Unicolour Collection, the Luxe Collection and last but not least, the Australian Collection, which has been developed specifically for the Australian pool market. The tiles in all the collections we stock are made in Spain.

You’ll be pleased to know our swimming pool tiles are environmentally friendly. They’re made of 100% recycled glass and natural pigments and are 100% recyclable again as well.

The mosaic tiles are suitable for the walls and floors of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and all kinds of water features. At only 4mm thick and lighter than other glass mosaics, these tiles are easy to install. With beautifully fine corners and a thin grout joint, the tiles will look and feel amazing in your swimming pool.

The Traces System creates a maximum bond with the back of the glass swimming pool tiles. It also doesn’t intrude into the grout joint of the tiles so you can achieve full, uninterrupted grout coverage. With other dot-mounted glass pool tiles, you often see that the grout comes off after some time. In fact, it’s safe to say that the Traces System has revolutionised swimming pool tile application.

Browse our pool tile collection below and click on the style you like for further details, or come see the full range at our showroom in Glebe, Sydney.


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After investing in building a pool for your home or purchasing a home with a spa, it follows that you will want to ensure all aspects of your investment are of the highest quality – including the tiles. To help you achieve this, we have selected one of Spain’s premier pool tile manufacturers as our supplier. By insisting on features like 100% recycled fine glass and natural pigments, easy and lasting installation, and design features which improve both their look and feel, we have ensured our swimming pool tiles are some of the finest available in Australia.

Like our pool tiles, all of our offered products are selected because they exhibit the highest standards of quality, looks and safety. We scour the globe in order to find the best materials and designs, such as beautiful mosaic tiles to bring your pool or spa to life. Other products we offer include porcelain and stone pavers, cobblestones, wall cladding, stone capping, garden pebbles, stepping stones and more. We even offer products for the beautification of your home’s insides as well, including indoor porcelain tiles and timber tiles.

For nearly a decade, we have provided customers with the products needed to create stunning, durable and safe outdoor spaces.

To see examples of this with your own eyes, visit our display home in Glebe, Inner-West Sydney. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!