For that naturally timeless look, you can’t go past cobblestones. Cobblestone pavers are a great choice for garden paths and driveways and they look fantastic as general landscaping features.

At Armstone, we have a wonderful range of cobblestone pavers in granite cobblestones, quartz cobblestones, limestone cobblestones and basalt cobblestones, which are all as beautiful as they are practical. You can choose the stone type, texture and colour you prefer to match the design of your home or commercial property or garden.

Their relatively small size and high compressive strength rating make our cobblestone driveway pavers incredibly tough and durable. They are strong enough to support vehicles and their dark colour and textured finish helps to mask stains, tyre marks and oil leaks, which makes our cobblestones ideal for use in high-traffic areas and as driveway pavers.

Because cobblestones are generally small in size and have a slip-resistant surface, they are fantastic for use in curved designs or on steep or sloped areas. Their hand-split rough edges give our range of cobblestones a warm and welcoming European look.

Armstone’s range of outdoor cobblestones come supplied with a mesh backing, which makes them easy and cost-effective to install. For all our cobblestones, we also have matching pavers, tiles, stepping stones and step treads. Combining some of these matching products lets you create a beautifully unified look and continuity around your property.

Cobblestone pavers create an elegant, old-world look that combines attractive charm with extremely robust and flexible properties.

Come check out the great range of cobblestones available at Armstone, Sydney’s foremost supplier of natural stone products. Or start by browsing our different collections on this page.


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We care about creating timeless outdoors for your joy and happy times. We guide people with the right advice that is perfectly tailored for them. By living by these values, we believe that we create a difference.

Armstone is located in the suburb of Glebe, Sydney and was established in the autumn of 2010 to help people create safe, timeless, outdoor spaces. Our boutique line includes stone and porcelain pavers, tiles, wall cladding, cobblestones, wall capping, pool tiles, pool coping, treads, stepping stones, garden pebbles, pedestals and more.

We believe in quality and this translates through our materials, sourced from all around the globe. The natural porcelain materials we select praise enduring quality and safety. Our experts source only the finest products and each of us here makes it out a personal mission to create beautiful and safe environments for our clientele.