Onix Spanish Pool Tiles

Onix Spanish Glass Pool Tiles and Mosaics

Add Luxury with Onix Spanish Glass Pool Tiles

If you’re looking for glass pool tiles that are extra special, then look no further than Armstone’s ONIX Spanish pool tiles range. The ONIX collection features a variety of stunning colours that add luxury and resort-type vibes wherever they’re installed.

Why choose Onix glass pool tiles?

ONIX is one of Europe’s largest producers of glass pool tiles and pool mosaics. The tiles are manufactured from 98% of recycled glass which makes them an ideal solution for environmentally conscious pool designs and constructions. Additionally, they have anti-bacterial and hygienic properties, both qualities make them a healthier and safer alternative for young and growing families. These properties also simplify the cleaning process, so if you’ve a busy lifestyle, definitely consider ONIX glass pool tiles for your outdoor swimming pool, spa or water feature.

Other advantages of ONIX mosaic pool tiles is that they have an high anti-slip rating, a helpful feature for a product that is submerged under water. From an installation perspective, the ONIX glass pool tiles are a 12 x 18 tesserae size. This allows for ease of installation where you can save up to 27% time during the entire process. On the topic of installation, one of the reasons Armstone’s ONIX glass pool tile collection can stand the test of time once installed, is because it uses a Dot Backing System. Along with the tiles minimum thickness, this allows for 91% adhesion of the tiles surface to the pool’s substrate. This is important as it reduces the likelihood of the individual tiles peeling over time.

ONIX glass pool tiles also have a high resistance to dampness, as well as extraordinary flexibility for different shapes and sizes and efficient installation. These Spanish-made pool tiles also have 0% water absorption which means that while being submerged under water, they are resistant to the erosion that can be caused by water over time. Why is this important? Because glass pool tiles with a poorer quality make, will cost more to replace if they absorb water over the years and then peel off. This is both dangerous for everyone who uses the pool or spa, and also a costly exercise in replacing the tiles to maintain the pool’s design and aesthetic.

Visually, the ONIX glass pool tiles are simply sublime and our Armstone range offers a little something for everyone’s taste and visual palette. So whether you prefer your pool to reflect the surrounding landscape and changing sky with white coloured tiles, or you prefer to enjoy a resort-like vibe, or plunge into mysterious depths of a dark pool – we have something for you.

ONIX Pool Tile Colours

Our white ONIX mosaics include the Statuario Mattee, Silver Mattee and Kara Grey tiles. While all three have a creamy white colouring, the Statuario Mattee is more consistently white throughout. The Silver Mattee and Kara Grey have speckles of bronze, brown and even aquamarine blue throughout, truly adding something special to the pool area. 

In the blue ONIX collection, we stock everything from light baby blue pearl-like tiles, to more darker, navy blue ones. Our Aquamarina, Lakeblend, Kara Blue and Forrest Blue all have beautiful shades of light/baby blue, turquoise, golden specks and soft navy. These colours are an ideal selection for swimming pools and spas where you want an oceanic and seaside vibe. If you prefer a green lagoon atmosphere, the ONIX Bali Stone (much like the name suggests), adds a deep green, resort-like Bali vibe.

Finally, if you love a deep dark vibe for a modern pool, the ONIX Turquesa, New Basalt and even Arrecife Grey, add mystique and majesty to your outdoor swimming pool or spa. These tiles all have a mosaic and pearly shimmer with dark navy’s, charcoal and royal blue colours. Whatever you choose, the Spanish ONIX glass pool tiles are sure to add value, luxury and relaxing vibes to your outdoor landscape.

Onix mosaic pool tile installation

Their maximum flexibility means you can install ONIX glass mosaics on any type of surface, no matter if it has corners, is curved or has an irregular finish. They can also be installed on the walls or floors of your outdoor swimming pool, spa or water feature.

At Armstone we are on a mission to create a difference in your life by supplying you with the highest quality products sourced from around the world so that you can build an outdoor swimming pool that adds value to your life and meets your lifestyle needs. We pride ourselves on guiding you in making the best decision for your pool or spa by sharing industry knowledge so that you can rest assured that your pool will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions about ONIX mosaics, please reach out to our team of experts online or by calling 1300 560 560. Alternatively, visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe where you can see the tiles in person and get a better understanding of their colours and sizes and match them with appropriate natural stone pool pavers and coping.

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Hi Arman, thanks for getting the stone to us, superb service and product as always thank you, really appreciate it. Best regards, Joe
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After some initial inspiration at the Armstone showroom, Arman and Lachlan were very helpful in assisting with the design for cladding our garden bed wall with the sandstone castle cladding product, finished with a light grey grout. It turned out amazing. Thanks for your help, prompt supply and after sales support.
Arman was extremely helpful with enquiries and advice. Very happy with the order of limestone pool coping and wall cladding.
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Love the pavers, was hard to find exactly what we wanted with the drop edge so was glad we found Armstone. Service was great, very helpful.
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The stones are nice and they have excellent advice and service. Special thanks to Arman for helping us.
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