Garden Pebbles

Decorative garden pebbles are among the most popular and versatile landscaping products, and for good reason. Exotic garden pebbles are contemporary, stylish, eco-friendly and affordable, making them a hot new landscaping trend.

Australian homeowners have also really embraced river pebbles as an alternative to garden mulch. This is because they work wonders for suppressing weed growth. Other reasons for their popularity are that decorative garden pebbles have great curbside appeal, don’t need yearly top ups, and provide a fantastic contrast to garden plants.

In saying that, pebbles are so versatile, it would be a sin to use them only for ground cover. You can also combine them with stepping stones to create beautiful garden paths. When added to a retaining wall, river pebbles can make the feature more expressive and interesting.

Some other ways to use decorative garden pebbles is to line the pathways through your yard or add them to your potted plants, outdoor water features or feature walls, fireplace or pool. If you choose the right landscaping pebbles to suit your design, they will add a special touch to your project.

As you can see, there are many ways you can bring the beauty of pebbles into your home. A pebbled floor is a stylish way to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The natural non-slip nature of pebbles also makes them ideal for bathrooms and stairs.

If we can compare garden pebbles to anything, they’re like that perfect pair of shoes that complete your favourite outfit or the piece of jewellery (or cuff links) that takes your dress or suit to the next level. The right set of pebble stones are just what your garden needs to add a unique and stylish flair to your outdoor oasis.

If your garden beds, stepping stones or pot plants need an additional decorative touch with an earthy aesthetic, then natural garden pebbles are the best choice for your home.

The wonderful thing about natural pebbles is they can highlight your front yard or garden in a classy and subtle way. Unlike colourful flowers or fountain features, good quality natural garden pebbles don’t jump out at you. Instead, they add definition and direction to your garden. Depending on their colour, they can give an excellent contrast to the main attractions in your home, like the plants or stepping stones, or alternatively, they can blend in with the rest of the design with their interesting and understated texture.

For example, take our Snow White Natural Pebbles which are a rumbled quartz stone. Their natural light sparkle makes them all the more luxurious and radiant. They are an excellent choice for lining pathways, feature walls or water features such as fountains or pools.

To contrast, our Charcoal Lava Garden Pebbles are formed from volcanic rock and have an egg-like appearance. Understated and beautiful in their own way, they can add an interesting texture to your garden project. The ash-coloured, speckled pebbles go very well with trees, bushes, and other plants, allowing you to see and imagine a rocky outcropping with beautiful plant growth on it.

Meanwhile, Ivory Natural Stone Pebbles give an exquisite contrast to garden plants. They don’t require topping up every year and their elegant ivory shade, being very pleasant to look at it, creates a high curbside appeal. With their light cream tones, these limestone pebbles also provide a gentle contrast to sandstone or travertine pavers. While the contrast isn’t glaring, it’s a pleasant and smooth transition on the eyes. Ivory Natural Stone Pebbles are also ideal for filling gaps between stepping stones and pathways and creating borders around your garden.

You can also use natural stone pebbles to decorate water features and as borders around trees or garden beds. Regardless of your vision, our natural pebbles will definitely add a unique touch to your home and garden project that will leave your guests and passers-by in awe.

Natural stone pebbles look exquisite whether they are wet or dry. Their rounded, organic shapes are the result of thousands of years of erosion and weathering. Each stone has been specifically selected for its ornamental qualities and feels soft to the touch both on your hands and underfoot.

Is your home and garden project in need of some sparkle and pizzazz? Then polished stone garden pebbles may be just what you need!

Polished pebbles have a glossy look as though they are dazzling with the morning dew from a cold night. If you have a contemporary or modern aesthetic to your home or garden, polished pebbles are the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor decorative project.

Armstone’s assortment of polished pebbles is available in a variety of colours including black, red and pink, jade green, gold, tiger striped, ambre and cream. These come in varying sizes and shapes. Whether you need something small for an indoor pot or bathroom decoration, or something a bit more substantial in dimension for an outdoor garden bed, these polished pebbles will meet your project’s requirements and impress your guests with your creative aptitude.

In case you prefer darker coloured-pebbles on your pathways and around stepping stones, our Black Polished Garden Pebbles would add the perfect decorative touch. Their glossy, dark exterior instantly adds character to any pathway and their polished finish, will give your outdoor pool a luxurious, resort-style feel.

If you are looking for pebbles with more colour variation, our Mixed Polished Garden pebbles are an excellent choice. This assortment has polished river pebbles in many shades: from creamy yellows and amber to browns, reds, jades, blacks and more, which makes them an ideal embellishment to a garden or any area that you want to give an earthy look. It’s excellent for covering larger areas around bushes or trees and can even be used as a replacement for mulch.

Our Tiger Stripe Garden Pebbles are also a dazzling choice of polished pebbles. With black and gold tiger stripes throughout, these pebbles provide a striking and rich visual background to pathways and garden borders, as well as water features such as fountains and pools. The Tiger Stripe Garden Pebbles add a hint of natural luxury without being the taking away from the centrepiece or being too ‘loud’ in their decorative touch.

In addition to the types of pebbles listed above, there are also polished pebbles that come in red, jade green, and yellow hues. If you want to add a softened and feminine look to a pot of flowers, garden bed, bathroom or even the surrounds of your fountain or pool, the red/pink polished pebbles give it a unique touch. Meanwhile, jade green is perfect to highlight earthy tones and the yellow hued polished pebbles can brighten any dark area with their golden reflection.

Much like our natural garden pebbles, our polished pebbles are hand-picked, cleaned and checked for defects prior to packaging. This helps us ensure that we deliver you the highest quality products available on the market.

When it comes to choosing pebbles for your project, one important factor we must discuss is pebble coverage.

As there is no hard science around the shape and size of pebbles, a number of factors must be considered here. These include the coverage area, depth of cover and of course, the shape and size of the pebbles.

While this is a tricky calculation, we have taken the guesswork out for you by doing some experiments at our Armstone headquarters in Glebe. Basically by laying enough pebbles on a square meter, we generated an accurate formula that you can use. Though we believe that it is accurate as can be, please note that it is still only an estimate and therefore, still not 100% foolproof.

In saying this, whether you opt for garden pebbles or river pebbles, be assured that you are selecting a landscaping material that is affordable, eco-friendly, and relatively low maintenance.
So if you fancy adding a splash of pebbles around your home or garden, check out our diverse selection of polished or natural pebbles that are available at Armstone, Sydney’s leading natural stone supplier. Our pebbles are available in a variety of colours, sizes, textures and finishes.

We believe you can transform your garden and get your guests and neighbours talking without breaking the bank. Keen to get started? Contact us here or visit our showroom in Sydney’s inner west to see the real-life ready designs for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are garden pebbles?

Garden pebbles range is price depending on the type of pebble you’re after and the amount of space you’re trying to cover. Lucky for you, we have created a garden pebble calculator. You’re welcome to use this to calculate the exact quantity of garden pebbles required for your new garden. Alternatively, reach out to us here to chat with an Armstone expert.

How to clean garden pebbles?

The best and most efficient way to clean your garden pebbles is with a high-pressure hose. Naturally, doing this frequently will help you take less time to maintain your garden. Plus it’ll keep your garden cleaner. For more information about cleaning tips for your garden pebbles, get in touch with us today!

What to do with garden pebbles?

Garden pebbles can be used for a range of different outdoor projects like creating stunning walkways through your garden, lining your vegetable patch or rose bushes, or decorating the empty spaces between stepping stone pavers. They sit nicely on soil and allow plants to get the moisture they need to grow. Cost-effective and easy to install, they bring an elegance and timeless feel to what would otherwise be a dirt garden bed.

Where to buy garden pebbles?

If you are looking to transform your garden without breaking the bank, browse the collection of garden pebbles available at Armstone here. We can also help you calculate how many pebbles you need and which pebbles will be the best for your project! As Sydney’s leading stone supplier, we are here to help you. Reach out here for more information.

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