Garden Pebbles

Decorative garden pebbles are among the most popular and versatile landscaping products, and for good reason. Because repurposed stone pebbles are contemporary, stylish, eco-friendly and affordable, they have become a hot new landscaping trend.

Australian home owners have really taken to using river pebbles as an alternative to garden mulch. They work wonders for suppressing weed growth. Decorative garden pebbles have great curb side appeal, don’t need topping up every year, and provide a fantastic contrast to garden plants.

But pebbles are so versatile, it would be a sin to use them solely as ground cover. They also make great garden paths with stepping stones, and when added to a retaining wall, river pebbles can make the feature much more expressive and interesting.

Use decorative garden pebbles to line pathways through your yard or add them to your potted plants, outdoor water features, fire places and pool or feature walls. Choose the right pebbles to suit your design and they will add that special touch to your landscaping project.

Across the threshold, there are a number of ways you can bring the beauty of pebbles into your home. A pebbled floor is a stylish way to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the natural non-slip nature of pebbles makes them ideal for bathrooms and stairs.

So if you like the idea of a splash of pebbles in your home or garden, take a look at the great range or polished or natural pebbles available now at Armstone, Sydney’s leading natural stone supplier. We have pebbles in a large variety of colours, sizes, textures and finishes.

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