Wall Cladding

It is undeniable that stone walls are majestic and impressive structures, but they are also time-consuming and expensive to build. As such, wall cladding is one of the best bang-for-your-buck stone décor additions and substitutes for your residential or commercial property.

Wall cladding is an ideal solution if you want to give your wall spruce up with that natural and timeless feel. It is also as affordable as it is effective. Available in stone veneer, stacked panels or loose pieces, our wall cladding products have a smooth backing for easy installation and have excellent adhesion.

At Armstone, our premium products come in a selection of colours and styles to suit both traditional and modern architecture. These include modular, dry-stone, traditional and random ashlar. The stone’s natural shading, textures and colour variations can add depth, pizzazz and authentic touch to any indoor or outdoor setting.

As well as being quick, simple and cost-effective, installing wall cladding is also a much tidier process. And with less effort than dealing with individual stones, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and impressive wall or feature piece.

Stacked stone wall panels and cladding are often used for fireplaces, letter-boxes, retaining and feature walls, bathrooms and water features. You are only limited by your imagination. To complete the look of your wall cladding design, we also sell matching capping and corner pieces.

Whether you prefer a dry stack or grouted look, crazy walling or ashlar pattern, you can find them all at Armstone, Sydney’s leading supplier of natural stone products. Like our other collections, our wall cladding products are in line with our commitment to provide you with the highest quality and captivating products that you will be proud to display in your home, business or other building or renovation project.

If you want to add sophistication to a retaining or feature wall, natural stone wall cladding is definitely an ideal choice.

Though at Armstone we have a wide selection of stacked stone and stone cladding panels, here you will be able to view our best loose stone wall cladding pieces.

Organic loose stone cladding pieces are versatile and durable with a rugged and stylish look that adds texture and depth to otherwise flat and uninteresting walls. These stones are commonly used to liven up feature walls, retaining walls and facades. Stone wall cladding also adds character to fireplaces and can really spruce up outdoor barbecue areas and water features.

As you can see, stone wall cladding can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a rustic, organic look. The individual wall cladding stones stocked at Armstone have been sawn flat for easy installation. This means you can glue the stones straight onto the existing wall, without fussing around fixing the stone to make it ready for installation.

When installing the stones, you can either opt for an ‘organic’ or ‘ashlar’ finish. The organic arrangement looks as though you are using real stones of different shapes and sizes to assemble the wall with no particular rhyme or reason. This is often referred to as a ‘crazy’ pattern. If your home has a more modern aesthetic, you may prefer the ‘ashlar’ pattern, which presents a more geometric design. Ashlar stone walling is famous throughout Europe and Australia for its raw structured form and striking appearance.

If you’re looking to give your boring walls an upgrade or simply desire to transform a retaining wall into a feature, Traditional Wall Cladding is an excellent way to give the old a new look.

Unlike the other types of Wall Cladding like organic loose wall cladding, crazy wall cladding, stacked stone wall cladding and stone panels – all of which give a wall a contemporary appeal – Traditional Wall Cladding, while created using similar modern technology, gives a more traditional aesthetic.

So if your home has a more old-school look, installing traditional wall cladding will blend well with your style. This wall cladding is available in a variety of finishes and sizes, manufactured to the highest quality on the market.

Armstone’s Traditional Wall Cladding range includes Rosetta, Sandstone, Teakwood and Lancaster Wall Cladding. Each of them have been produced with traditional stonemason methods combined with modern design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

Possible applications for traditional wall cladding include decorating your home’s exterior walls and balustrades, framing the entrance to your home, creating a feature wall for you patio or poolscape, decorating features of your backyard like a fountain or fireplace area or bringing an outdoor stone wall vibe to the interior of your home.

Whatever you decide to do, your wall will definitely look a million dollars with this upgrade, without costing you a fortune. Why? Because unlike building a wall from scratch, which requires skill, time and a higher investment, installing traditional wall cladding is a much simpler process. Traditional Wall Cladding comes ready to install, with one side of the stone resembling a natural stone and the backing sawn flat, ready to be attached to your retaining wall.

Natural stone wall panels can help you add some ‘pizzazz’ and character to an otherwise dull wall. If you are looking to create a wall that resembles an authentic stonemason’s drywall, our premium stone panels are definitely worth your consideration.

Stone wall panels are perfect for indoor or outdoor usage for your home or commercial property. We have seen them installed as feature walls, retaining walls and columns as well as decoration around fireplaces and bathrooms. Alternatively, they are an ideal solution for any substrate wall where you want to add extra stonework without spending the time or money to glue individual pieces of stone.

Below you can browse Armstone’s range of strong, durable, and enchanting natural  stone wall panels. These ready-to-use panels, made of individual pieces of stone joined together, are suitable for internal and external use. Due to the way they have been stacked, each ledge stone has a unique and irregular surface texture that will add natural depth and shading to the wall. Once assembled, they will look so real that nobody will ever know that these are simply stone panels.

Our natural stone wall panels are available in quartz, granite and limestone. Depending on the design and aesthetics of your home, we also offer each of those stones in a variety of natural colours that will really emphasise that genuine stone wall look.

Stack stone panels are ready-to-use stone veneers consisting of small individual pieces of natural stone. The beauty of stacked stones is that they easily transform any wall or column into an eye-catching feature.

Stacked stone panels are especially ideal for adding aesthetic appeal to your internal or external walls, or other vertical structures, where you don’t have the time or resources to individually piece stones together. The panels are stacked and glued in such a way that when you install them, they give your wall a natural 3D appearance. It resembles a structure you would find outdoors or in an older city.

Stacked stones are typically used to decorate and liven up feature walls, fireplaces and water features. Armstone’s classic range of stacked stone wall products are made from premium natural stones, such as quartz and slate. These stones are known for their trifactor combination: durability, strength and natural beauty.

Whether you have a cool or warm colour scheme to your interior or exterior home or commercial design, our stacked stone cladding will definitely cater to your unique needs. Our stones are available in a variety of colours and shades ranging from white, fawn and sandy to darker greys, warm copper browns and reds.

We understand that many people when renovating or building a home are pressed for time. Which is why our stacked stone cladding is designed in such a way that makes installation quick and easy. These panels have a flat back and are available in a convenient size of 600mm by 150mm. You can basically install them like you would install tiles. Yes, it’s that easy! To help you add the finishing touches and simplify cladding around tough areas like corners, we also supply matching L-shaped corner pieces in a variety sizes.

Crazy wall cladding is a dynamic wall product found in stylish resorts as well as more contemporary homes and commercial properties in Australia. It is referred to as “crazy” wall cladding because the irregular sized and shaped stones are assembled in a random and creative pattern, where no two designs are ever the same. If you are searching for a way to create a unique feature wall that will add colour, pizzazz, personality and attention to your property or landscape, you can only go right with crazy wall cladding.

At Armstone you can choose from two types of crazy cladding products: loose pieces of natural stone for maximum flexibility of design and style, or pre-prepared wall cladding panels where the natural stones are stuck on mesh for fast and easy installation. While some of our collection is suitable for interior usage, our entire range of wall cladding collection is equipped for external walls. Unsure if your chosen wall cladding suits your requirements? Click on each product below to review it’s details and specifications.

Unlike the other types of wall cladding available, crazy wall cladding requires a sense of artistic experience and stonemanship. This is especially true for individual crazy wall cladding where the freedom, and challenge, is to combine large and small pieces to create your own unique design. This can become quite a puzzle-making experience and if you love this option, we suggest either getting an expert to install the stones, or at least assist you in the process. The beauty of the individual crazy wall cladding stones is that you can even create your own shapes or smaller sizes by chipping away at the stone to shape it to your liking.

In addition to exterior wall cladding, our outdoor product options include stone cappingstone and porcelain paversstepping stonespedestalspool tilescobblestones and many more. We also offer indoor options like timber tiles and indoor porcelain tiles, and paving/tiling necessities such as sealers, cleanersglue and grout. In addition to quality and eye-catching appearance, we also ensure that our materials adhere to the highest industry safety standards.

Browse our wall cladding and stacked stone range online today or visit our beautiful display home showroom in Glebe, Sydney. Here you will be able to see (and touch) many of our products in a real-world environment and envision how they will enhance your own project. Need help? Contact us today to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding is the process of covering an existing wall with a decorative top layer. These layers are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles and are a fantastic way to get a bang-for-your-buck without losing that luxurious touch of a stone wall. To speak to one of our experts, get in touch today!

Why install wall cladding?

Stonewall cladding is a fantastic way to decorate an exterior wall or surface without having to knock anything down or strip anything back. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you can completely change the feel of any indoor or outdoor area by simply adding cladding on top of your current surface. Stone walls can consume a lot of time and money. Wall cladding allows you to achieve the same result in less time and lower investment.

Why is cladding done?

People choose to add cladding to their existing walls to create a feature space in their indoor or outdoor area.

What stones can be used for wall cladding?

There are many different possibilities for your dream wall cladding. From timeless castle stone to modern black quartz, Armstone offers a variety of styles for your project. The best way to find out which style and type of stone will compliment your house is to get in touch with us today!

Where to buy wall cladding?

You can purchase wall cladding from a reputable stone retailer or wholesaler. Armstone has supplied wall cladding for over 10 years with many appraisals from our customers. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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