Rosetta Wall Cladding

  • Rosetta Limestone Wall Cladding

Product Information

  • Rosetta Wall Cladding is inspired by the traditional sandstone buildings that can be found in Pyrmont. Unlike other sandstone, Rosetta Wall Cladding is mostly one golden creme colour throughout, making it a perfect addition to any retaining wall where you prefer that it blends inconspicuously with the surroundings rather than standing out like a feature wall. Manufactured from highly durable European Limestone, Rosette Wall Cladding is made with traditional stonemason techniques. The cladding is available in either 300mm and 400mm slabs, or random lengths of your own choosing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Surface Finishes
  • Random Length, 300mm and 400mm Coursed Heights
  • Pre-Shaped Corners Across Multiple Sizes
  • High Density
  • Easy Installation
  • Ideal for Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Facades and Fireplaces

Available Sizes

  • Random Length (Made To Order)
  • 300mm and 400mm Coursed Heights

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