Sealers and Cleaners

Professional reputations depend on the lasting beauty and durability of natural stone installations, so builders and architects rely on Aqua Mix products to protect and clean with their high-performance formulas. Homeowners also use Aqua Mix for maintaining their stone work due to its ease of use and high quality results.

Aqua Mix has the largest selection of Tile & Stone Sealers, Enhancing Sealers, Coating Sealers, Pre Sealer, Cleaners, Problem Solvers, Grout Colourant, and Stone Restoration products. Suitable for any type of natural stone, tile, grout, and masonry, Aqua Mix products are available from Armstone, Sydney’s biggest supplier of natural stone products, with online orders welcome and delivery available Australia-wide.

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Keeping products durable starts with a great sealer. Our tile sealers and stone sealers will provide the durability and lasting beauty that you are looking for in your next home improvement project.

And the key to keeping these products looking new? Keeping them clean. At Armstone, we are here to help you keep the items you purchase from us in their pristine condition. While you are likely aware of various household cleaners, did you know there are specialised cleaners for stone and tile?

It is inevitable that your tile and grout will become weathered, and weathered grout can easily begin to lose its original colour. But with our strong, high-quality cleaner you can restore your grout so it looks as good as new.

Our products are chosen over and over again by homeowners in Sydney because of their ease of maintenance and because of the high-quality results they provide.

Whether you are starting a new project and are looking for a sealer or you have recently finished a project and are looking for a way to keep everything shining like new, check out the sealers and cleaners Armstone has to offer. We are sure you will find exactly what you have been looking for.