Bellport Bluestone Pier Cap

Bellport Bluestone Pier Cap is a bluestone/basalt stone with a honed flat surface and rock-faced edges all around. Our Bellport Bluestone Pier Cap has edges with 40mm or 60mm thickness: an ideal way to add the finishing touch to your piers. If you want to add a majestic touch, create a roof-like and completed appearance by leaving 30mm to overhang over the piers. This looks especially grand when installed at entrances. Another advantage of Bellport Bluestone Pier Caps is that bluestone is a much denser stone than sandstone (which is equally grandiose and beautiful). As such, installing bluestone means your piers will not mould or discolour over time making them easier to maintain

  • Various sizes to go on brick pillars
  • Honed face, rock-faced onall around edges
  • Matching stone cladding and corners available
  • Completes the pillar
  • Protects your property’s brickwork and cladding from weather damages

  • 400x300x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 400x400x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 450x450x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 500x400x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 500x500x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 525x525x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 600x250x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 600x300x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 600x400x40mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 400x400x50mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around
  • 525x525x50mm Honed Surface and Rock-faced Edge All Around


  • Highest quality natural stone
  • Durability in residential and commercial environments
  • Ethically sourced from the best quarries around the world

  • Sydney metro: 2-3 working days
  • Regional: 4-6 working days

All returns will incur a 30% re stocking fee + any applicable freight charges. Returns are not accepted on adhesives, additives, grouts, boosters, silicones, waterproofing products, cleaners, sealers, discontinued or end of line products, custom or special orders including product which has been fabricated by order. The defects must be reported within 7 days of delivery. Returns will only be accepted if product is in original condition with undamaged packaging. Products must be returned within 30 days. Minimum return quantities are as follows and must be in the same format, batch (if applicable), the relevant ratio in the original Sales Order: 4m2, 4Lm and 8pcs.

We stand by the quality of all our natural stones. We don't offer a specific warranty, however the standard 2 year manufacturer's warranty for man-made products applies. All pool copings are limited to a 2-year warranty. Warranty is only valid if correct installation methods are followed to the relevant Australian Standards

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