Bluestone Pavers

With their naturally beautiful grey-blue hues, their versatility and hardwearing durability, bluestone pavers are understandably a popular choice in the building industry and among home owners for outdoor paving projects. They give any property a modern, contemporary look.

Bluestone is a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure. This basalt stone is composed largely of plagioclase with amounts of pyroxene and olivine minerals. The volcanic rock that bluestone pavers are made of has been formed and hardened over millions of years, making them incredibly dense and strong.

Bluestone pavers come in natural dark blue, grey and charcoal hues. Thanks to their cool colours, with only a minimum of colour variation, bluestone pavers can give a contemporary feel to outdoor areas without detracting from garden environments. This makes them ideal for use in garden paths, driveways, patios and as stepping stones.

Armstone’s bluestone pavers are extremely strong and durable. The hard natural stone enables these pavers to withstand heavy use and harsh weather. Because of their flamed non-slip surface, our natural bluestone pavers are also ideal for wet areas like pool surrounds.

Regardless of whether you’re into DIY or using a professional to pave your garden, you’ll be glad to know that bluestone pavers are easy and cost-effective to lay, making this an easy choice if you’re looking for contemporary, affordable, hassle-free paving.

If you like the look of bluestone pavers for your garden, courtyard or entertainment area, you can combine them with our bluestone cobblestones and even carry through the same look indoors with Armstone’s bluestone tiles for your internal floors.

Our natural bluestone pavers come in a range of sizes, colours and textures to suit your needs. Browse our collection on this page or come visit our showroom in Glebe.

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