Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone Pavers are versatile, durable and give any area a modern feel.

Why Choose Bluestone Pavers?

Bluestone pavers are a popular choice in the building industry amongst homeowners and builders alike for their attractive grey-blue hues and robustness. Their natural beauty and strength give any outdoor paving project – from patios to driveways – a contemporary, impactful look.

Bluestone’s Natural Strength

Bluestone is a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes has visual columns throughout it. This basalt stone is composed of plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine minerals and like all volcanic rocks, bluestone pavers are formed over millions of years from hardening lava.This makes the stone incredibly dense and strong. This resilience is why bluestone has been a material of choice for such a long time, from ancient pathways to modern landscapes.

Great for Various Outdoor Uses

Bluestone pavers are available in natural dark blue, grey and charcoal hues. Due to their cool colours, and minimum colour variance, bluestone pavers can add a contemporary feel to outdoor areas without detracting from the lusciousness of garden environments. This makes them ideal for garden paths, driveways, patios and for use as stepping stones.

Affordable Elegance 

Whether you’re tackling a DIY project at home or getting a pro to do up your garden, you’ll discover that laying bluestone pavers is fairly straightforward and won’t break the bank. A total win if you’re after a modern look that’s both easy on the wallet and a breeze to install.

 Safe and Ling-Lasting 

Given its stone structure, bluestone paving can withstand heavy pressure and harsh weather. As a durable and salt-resistant stone, with an added flamed non-slip surface as a finish, bluestone is an ideal choice for wet spaces like pool coping and general poolside surroundings. Bluestone pavers around pool areas are highly recommended, as they guarantee safety and support a non-slip surface even when damp. However, since it is a volcanic stone, it can get quite hot when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods making the stone hot underfoot.

 Selecting the Right Finish

Bluestone pool pavers are versatile, available in a range of finishes like sawn, sawn and honed, and flamed. Each finish is practical for different purposes. For safe, slip-resistant surfaces around pools, the flamed finish is ideal. Need help deciding? Talk to a Sydney-based bluestone pavers supplier or contact us directly for expert advice.

 Keep an Eye Out for Quality

As with all life investments, quality materials will help you in the long run. Poor quality bluestone pavers are prone to ‘curling’, or else known as, ‘cupping’ – where the outer edges of the paver lift before the mortar or adhesive have fully set, creating a hollow effect. Stone density affects curling and cupping. To prevent this, pick thicker, denser bluestone pavers from reputable bluestone paving suppliers.

If you love how bluestone pavers will look in your garden, courtyard or entertainment area, you can also combine them with our bluestone cobblestones and even install them indoors. At Armstone we also supply bluestone tiles for your internal flooring. This combination of bluestone through your home will really get people talking.

 Invest in the Best

When you choose natural bluestone pavers from Armstone, you’re picking top-notch quality. We’re incredibly picky about where we get our materials because we want to make sure you’re getting the best. Our bluestone pavers come in all sorts of sizes, colours, and textures to match what you’re looking for. Browse our collection online or, better still, drop by our showroom in Glebe for a chat and see them in the flesh.

Reach Out Now 

Need some guidance with this or advice on your bluestone paving project? Speak to a stone paver supplier like ourselves for the best recommendation. Reach out to us for more details. We would love to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Bluestone pavers are made of extremely dense, volcanic stone formed under the Earth’s surface over millions of years. They’re a natural stone paver and their durable composition makes them capable of bearing the weight of high-traffic areas and maintaining its integrity in harsh, outdoor climates.

Due to their density and durability, bluestone pavers are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. One of their biggest advantages is that they are highly customisable. You can choose bluestone pavers in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from crazy paving stepping stones to more traditional rectangular shapes for pool surrounds and even pool coping.

Cut bluestone pavers with a diamond blade. We strongly recommend wearing a protective mask to protect your lungs from inhaling dust when cutting your bluestone pavers. If you want a more manageable solution, we recommend using a blade with a built-in watering system for dust suppression.

Clean bluestone pavers with pH-neutral dish soap and a soft cloth to keep their natural beauty without harming the stone.  At all costs, avoid using acidic cleaners on bluestone pavers. The best way to clean bluestone pavers is to use a soft cloth first to wipe any dust and dirt from the surface and then apply the cleaning solution as required.

The price of bluestone pavers depends on a few factors like the cut of the stone, the symmetry of the shapes and the dimensions of the area where you will install it. If you need any help with this, contact us online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe for an obligation-free, complimentary quotation.

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