Travertine Pavers

If you’re looking to transform your backyard, pool surrounds or other outdoor areas with a timeless and classic design, then Travertine pavers may be a choice.

Travertine is a light-coloured, calcite-based stone formed in by mineral springs, particularly found in limestone caves or at the mouth of hot springs. For centuries, Travertine was used as a building material in Italy and ancient Europe. It’s now an increasingly popular exterior paving and decoration material that creates a beautiful worn look.

The Travertine pavers we deliver at Armstone have a timeless quality that works well with both traditional and contemporary architecture. Providing an attractive natural look to suit any style.

Travertine pavers stay exceptionally cool even when exposed to direct sunlight all day. In Australia, where temperatures can really soar, who doesn’t like having cool pavers to walk on barefoot? The traction of these porous pavers actually increases when they are wet. In addition, Travertine is salt tolerant and the pavers feel soft to walk on. All these qualities make Travertine the ideal choice if you’re looking for pavers in outdoor entertaining areas.

Travertine pavers are strong, durable, low-maintenance pavers that are easy on the eyes even on the brightest of days. They’re a popular choice for walkways, patios and outdoor entertainment areas.

Travertine is a material that doesn’t fade. These pavers have a consistent colour variation and thickness. Not only are they ideal in a hot climate, they can also withstand freezing temperatures and will not crack. Sealing your Travertine pavers will protect the stone and prevent stains from penetrating into the natural stone.

To get a true feel for how they can transform your outdoor areas, we invite you to view our range of travertine pavers at our Glebe home.

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