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About Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone is a natural sandy stone that blends well with a variety of landscaping environments. With a warm tone and vibrant, natural colours throughout, sandstone pavers are the perfect choice for footpaths, patios, gardens and entertainment areas.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting of quartz, sand grains or rocks that are cemented together with organic particles. As a common rock, it is found in sedimentary basins all around the world and is popular in the building industry.

Sandstone is a timeless material that looks great in both modern and traditional property and landscape designs. It is a durable stone and has a natural organic appearance which is typically available in tan, gold, yellow, red or brown colours. These warm and earthy tones are commonly used to create an elegant and welcoming feeling in landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas such as patios and courtyards.

At Armstone, we source our quality sandstone pavers from Australian and Indian/Himalayan quarries to offer you a wide choice of profiles and colours. Our sandstone paver collection includes Teakwood Pavers, a natural stone from India that mimics the look of wood, Himalayan Sandstone Pavers, both natural and honed with its beautiful mint hues, and Sydney Sandstone, with its vivid colours and distinctive Sydney-esque feel.

Though tempting, we highly discourage our customers from laying sandstone around poolside areas. In a nutshell, as sandstone is an extremely porous material, it is very vulnerable to acid and salt. Your poolside area is subject to all kinds of acids, harsh chemicals, salt, water and other environmental substances that are sometimes beyond your control. When these substances come in contact with the sandstone, they seep into its pores and start eroding the stone from the inside. While some professionals in the industry believe that a correct sealer will help, this is simply a misconception and if sandstone is installed by a poolside, it will cause a bigger headache for you in the long term. If you love sandstone and want to install it around your pool, our recommendation is to use porcelain pavers instead. These look natural and only have a 0.5% porosity which means you won’t need to worry about deterioration or sealing.

Our natural sandstone pavers are also available in a diverse range of sizes, textures and finishes including honed, sandblasted, sawn or natural-split. Each finish is suitable for a different project. If you would like some guidance with this, contact us so an expert from our team can help you.

Sandstone tiles from Armstone are sourced from only the highest quality providers around the world, giving you absolute peace of mind that the material with which you build your new patio or terrace area, is designed to last.

Whether you prefer browsing online or are a more tactile decision maker, check out our selection of stone pavers on this page or visit us at our Glebe showroom.

We love seeing dream homes become realities, and we love working with our customers to help guide them along this journey.

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