Marble Pavers

Looking for a natural stone that oozes sophisticated charm?

Marble will bedazzle you and all your guests!

Marble pavers are the perfect solution for any outdoor space.

As a form of limestone, marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock whose luxurious aesthetic and durability is truly a testament to the forces of nature that formed it. Marble is created when a stone at the Earth’s crust is under enormous pressure and heat, causing it to recrystallise. As a result, the transformed stone is incredibly dense and made of an interlocking mosaic of tiny crystals, giving marble its distinctive look.

Marble pavers were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to build majestic buildings that, millenia later, still shower us with their awe-defining glory. Marble is also a key material in the iconic Taj Mahal. As such, marble is one of the most durable natural stone pavers on the market. Marble pavers are an excellent choice if you want your space to stand the test of time for generations to come.

Marble is durable, versatile and heat-resistant. In Australia, we are prone to extreme heat. Whether you choose to lay marble pavers indoors or outdoors, the area will stay cool! Yes, even if the pavers are under direct sunlight or around your poolside surroundings, you can rest assured that the stone will not burn your feet or heat up.

If you desire to create a home that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on anywho who experiences it, you can only go right when choosing marble pavers. Whether you use them for your outdoor entertainment area, patio or garden walkways, your guests (and family) will always feel its magical touch. As marble is on the higher end of the natural stone investment spectrum, simply by laying marble pavers you are adding tremendous value to your home. If you are a long term picture kind of person, this is definitely worth considering.

At Armstone we pride ourselves on supplying quality natural stones that suit your aesthetic and taste. Our marble pavers are low maintenance, easy to clean and have a level of natural resistance to stains and bacteria. They’re also available in a tumbled or sandblasted finish. These add grip to the stone which helps minimise slips.

If you want to make the stone even safer, or install marble pavers around pool surroundings, simply add anti-slip surface treatment to the stone. You can install marble on a variety of surfaces like compacted road base as well as on sand screed.

One drawback with marble pavers is the initial investment. However, since the stone requires minimal maintenance and guarantees a lifetime (or more) with its durability, you will easily recoup your investment.

Easy on the eyes, tolerant to salt, heat resistant, and cool under the feet – marble pavers are definitely an ideal natural stone for the harsh Australian climate.

Whether you prefer to browse online here or in person by visiting our Glebe store, our selection of outdoor marble pavers will definitely win your heart.

And if you need help along the way, reach out to us online or over the phone. We love marble pavers and would love to help you use them to bring your dream home to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are marble pavers?

Marble pavers date back to Ancient Greece and Rome where many landmarks built with these natural stones still stand, making them a testament to the stone’s durability and strength. Marble pavers lend sophistication to outdoor spaces and are available in a rich variety of colours and textures. Their one-of-a-kind impact is a perfect addition to water features, walkways, patios and pool surrounds.

Why marble pavers?

Marble is an incredibly durable stone and adds class and value to any property. It can also withstand Australia’s extreme heat and harsh environment, so whether you lay marble pavers outdoors or indoors, the stone feels cool underfoot. Even under the noon sun, your poolside pavers will not burn your feet. Marble pavers are also salt-tolerant marble and add opulence to your home that is appreciated by family members and guests alike.

Where can I buy marble pavers?

Marble pavers are available at many quality stone suppliers. At Armstone we are passionate about delivering quality products and we source our stones from the best manufacturers in the world. Browse our marble paver collection online, or see them in person by visiting our Sydney showroom in Glebe. Our experts can help you find the best style and colour to appeal to your project. Our range includes Chilla, Norse, Merino and Siri pavers, all of which will add a distinctive flair to your outdoor area.

How to install marble pavers?

Marble pavers can be installed on a variety of surfaces like sand screed and road base. If you need any assistance installing your marble pavers, reach out to us online or at 1300 560 560. Our knowledgeable consultants can provide pointers on laying the pavers inside or outside your home. Alternatively, if you’d rather invest in professional installers, we can help recommend excellent tradesmen for the job. Or if you are shopping around for marble pavers, you’ve come to the right place! We would love to help you select marble stones that will transform your home into a luxurious property.

How much are marble pavers?

Compared to other natural stone pavers, marble pavers are on the higher end of the price scale. However, when factoring in their many benefits, they are an investment that adds value to your property and a more luxurious aesthetic to your home’s design. In the long term, the strength and longevity of marble pavers means that they will withstand the test of time. Depending on the style you choose, marble pavers vary in price. If you would like an obligation free, complimentary quote, reach out to us online or at 1300 560 560, today.

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