Marble Pavers

Marble adds beauty and sophistication to any interior space or outdoor area. Whereas smooth marble tiles are perfect for your internal spaces, outdoors you’d be looking at marble pavers, which Armstone presents to you on this page.

The luxurious look and durability of marble pavers are a testament to the forces of nature that formed this remarkable natural stone. Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone. It is created in a natural process in the earth’s crust where the original stone is recrystallised under enormous pressure and heat. The resulting stone is incredibly dense and consists of an interlocking mosaic of minute crystals, giving marble its unmistakable look.

As marble is one of the most durable natural stones, marble pavers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sophisticated natural stone paver that will last for generations. The ancient Greeks and Romans used marble to construct the most majestic buildings, which still stand in all their glory today. The iconic Taj Mahal makes extensive use of marble as well. You, too, can achieve this opulent look around your home or commercial property.

Marble pavers will undoubtedly make your property stand out and create a lasting impression. It’s a stunning material to use if you want to add elegance to your outdoor entertainment area, patio or walkways through your garden. Armstone’s outdoor marble pavers come with a tumbled or sandblasted finish to add grip and minimise slips.

When combined with an anti-slip surface treatment, marble pavers can also be great for pool surrounds. Because marble stays quite cool when it’s hot, is salt tolerant, and easy on the eyes, marble pavers are very suitable indeed for our harsh Australian climate.

Marble is low maintenance, easy to clean and has a certain natural resistance to stains and bacteria. It can be laid on a compacted road base as well as on sand screed. Your initial investment in marble pavers will be recouped over the years thanks to their minimal care requirements and their durability that guarantees your pavers will last several lifetimes.

View Armstone’s selection of outdoor marble pavers online or instore at our Glebe showroom.

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These examples of our work demonstrate just some of the ways marble pavers can be used to customise the outdoor areas of your property in a way which realises your vision. The versatility of this beautiful stone is ideal for creating bespoke designs for patios and terraces, bringing a true touch of originality and luxury to your home. When you choose Armstone, you have absolute peace of mind that you are choosing marble pavers of the very highest quality.

If you would like to find out more about our marble pavers, or want to know how we can work with you to bring your design to life, please contact us.