Himalayan Sandstone Honed Pavers

  • Himalayan Sandstone Honed

Product Information

  • Honed Himalayan Sandstone is distinguishable by it’s very plain off-white colour. Its surface is more uniform that many other Sandstones which adds to its consistent appearance, making it the ideal paver for those projects where plenty of light is required. Like its name suggests, this stone originates in the Himalaya’s and is a representation of a unique and different world, which makes it drastically different to Sydney Sandstone. However, with the right design and combination of other products, it can look equally as stunning with a bonus of being more cost effective.

Available Sizes


  • 400x400x30mm
  • 600x400x30mm
  • 400x400x35mm
  • 600x400x35mm
  • 500x500x35mm
  • 600x600x35mm


  • 400x400x15mm
  • 600x400x15mm
  • 500x500x15mm
  • 600x600x15mm
  • 800x400x20mm


  • 600x400x30mm Bullnose Edge (On One Long Side)

Step treads:

  • 1000x350x35mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1200x350x35mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1500x350x35mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1800x350x35mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1200x350x35mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)


  • 1000x170x20mm
  • 1200x170x20mm
  • 1500x170x25mm
  • 1800x170x25mm

Stepping Stones:

  • 1800x600x30mm

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