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Siri Marble features striking silver and grey tones with soft, dark grey veins. The natural combination creates an electrifying look and feel that suits most settings and works with a range of complimenting materials. There are a range of highlights to mention that give the Siri marble the edge over most marble pavers. They are super, super dense.

This means you will have a beautiful product that is stronger and most importantly, it last’s longer, our Siri Marble has a slip-resistant surface making it an ideal option for wet-areas. Given our Australian climate and outdoor lifestyles, these are critical factor to consider.

Siri Marble is available in french pattern, bullnose, pencil round and as drop edge coping.
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Key Features:

  • Rumbled edge
  • Tumbled finish
  • Acid Washed
  • High Slip Resistance
  • High Density
  • Can be submerged
  • Stays Cool in Direct Sunlight
  • Available in French Pattern


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