6 Reasons Marble Pavers are Ideal for Pools, Patios & Driveways

When you hear “Marble” what is the first thought that crosses your mind?

Is it:

– Majestic

– Grandiose

– Kitchen benches

– Roman statues

– Expensive

– Durable?

You are on the money if it’s all of the above!

You see, marble is one of the most majestic and durable natural stone pavers in the world.

And with due reason.

Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock created at the Earth’s crust under enormous pressure and heat.

This causes it to recrystallise.

The result?

An incredibly dense stone that is made from an interlocking mosaic of tiny crystals that give marble it’s unique and distinctly majestic look.

If marble makes you think of ancient Greek and Roman civilisations – you’re also correct.

You see, a millennia later, the buildings and monuments are still standing and as strong as ever.

The Taj Mahal is also built from marble.

Do we need to say more to convince you of marble pavers long-lasting glory and durability?



Now that we have established the beauty, elegance and glory that are marble pavers, let’s look a little deeper into why you want to invest in marble pavers for an outdoor space like a pool, patio and driveway.

Casalli marble pavers
** Casalli Marble Pavers

1. Marble Pavers For Pools

As we mentioned above, marble pavers are extremely durable.

Their ability to stand the test of time and subsequent wear and tear, in a variety of outdoor applications, is profound.

But did you know, they also have a high heat resistance?

Pretty cool, hey? (Yes, irony intended)

As we are prone to extreme heat in Sydney and Australia, marble pavers are an excellent choice for pool surrounds because when installed, they will stay cool underfoot.

This is a very important consideration when choosing pool pavers.

Not only from the perspective of enjoying the pool surrounds.

But because it’s a safer choice.

Marble tiles are heat resistant, which means that anyone walking around the pool area will keep their feet cool and thus be less likely to injure themselves from the sun’s heat.

This is an exceptionally important consideration if you have children and the elderly living with you.

Siri marble Pavers
**Siri Marble Pavers

Another important consideration for pool surrounds is ensuring that the exterior marble pavers have a non-slip rating, especially when wet.

At Armstone, we have extensively tested our marble outdoor pavers and can easily recommend which ones will suit your pool surrounds best.

We have everything from antique leather finishes, rugged or bumpy surfaces, rumbled worn and more unique patterns.

What’s more, we also stock matching marble pool coping and stepping stones so that when you complete your pool project, you can enjoy a seamlessly matching design.

Along with the practical benefits of installing marble pavers around the pool, they look beautiful and elegant.

And who wouldn’t want a pool deck that shimmers as majestically as the water itself?

We know you want it.

So, are you set on installing marble pavers around your pool?


Like all other natural stone pavers, marble requires a certain procedure when installing them.

We have written a very technical article that covers the whole process of how to install natural stone pavers.

And if you have any questions, please call our team of experts at 1300 560 560 for more information.

Now let’s look at …

2. Marble Pavers for Patios and Outdoors

Here we can simply rehash everything we said in the section above.

But you already get the picture, so we shall say this.

Patios and outdoor areas like paths and steps, take a big workload from consistent foot traffic and furniture.

As such, considering how often the area will be used and worn over time, is imperative.

See, you wouldn’t want to install something like sandstone (a highly porous natural paver), which won’t be able to handle the prolonged wear and tear and disintegrate over time.


Frostine marble pavers 10
** Frostine Marble Pavers

Marble outdoor pavers will last and last and last.

You install them once, and that’s pretty much it.

No matter how often the patio or steps or staircase is used, your marble tile and paver will be as beautiful and ever.

We do recommend considering the slip rating of the chosen paver, and also sealing it and cleaning it regularly to retain its rich colors.

We have a separate blog that goes into this in more depth.

Learn more about sealing and cleaning your marble pavers here

Now that we’ve established that marble outdoor pavers are an excellent choice for pool surrounds and patios, let’s look at another outdoor area where you may not even have considered marble…

3. Marble Pavers for Driveways

Oh yes…


Now, if you think pool decks, paths and patios get their load-worth in wear and tear, it does not remotely compare with the heavy load driveways have to endure.

Think about it…

Every time your car drives in, and out and in and out again, that’s a heavy load on the pavement.

You compound this over time and the composition of the chosen natural paver begins to disintegrate over time.

Especially if it’s not fit for driveways.

Marble is created under extreme pressure.

As such, it can withstand a lot of pressure.

This makes it a perfect natural stone paver for driveways!

You might be thinking: “But my driveways don’t need to look so lavish and elegant.”

While it’s true that a driveway has more functional than aesthetic purposes, it’s worth considering the upkeep on your driveway.

Cars can leave stains and leaks, and other marks.

Armstone marble pavers are low maintenance, easy to clean and have a level of natural resistance to stains.

Frostine marble pavers 8
**Frostine Marble Pavers

So, it’s really a no-brainer why choosing marble pavers is an ideal option for driveways.


They’re also available in a tumbled finish or sandblasted finish.

These add grip to the stone which helps minimise slips.

And always better grip for your cars tyres.

A critical consideration for driveways.

And our Frostine, Dora or Siri Marble Stone Pavers, with their cool grey-blue colouring will be extremely practical for any driveway.

And lavish as well.

Why not feel like you’re driving into your own castle after a long day’s work?

Surely, it’ll make you feel better, right?

Before we finish, let’s look at some…

Things to think about before buying marble pavers

Marble pavers, when compared to other natural stone pavers, do require a higher initial investment.

In saying this, when installed correctly, they will require minimum attention and maintenance, saving you time (and money) in the long run.

We understand if you’re working on a budget.

And we are also passionate about you getting the job done right once.

(Truthfully, we have seen a lot of horror projects in the past 10 years).

As such, we would love to help you consider marble stone pavers for your pool, patio, outdoors and driveway.

Because you want to do the job right once.

And enjoy it for the rest of your days.

Chilla marble pavers 2
**Chilla Marble Pavers

Why Marble is the Perfect Outdoor Paver

Marble pavers are as practical, durable, and versatile as they are elegant and majestic.

They are a worthy investment for any home pool surrounds, outdoor areas like patios, steps, staircases, and even driveways.

At Armstone we stock a wide variety of marble outdoor pavers suitable for paving, steps, and pool coping.

Our pool coping is available in drop edge coping, pencil edge coping and bullnose edge coping.

So, whether you are looking for cool and modern coloured exterior marble pavers or more traditional and warm coloured ones, at Armstone you’ll find more than 10 best-selling marble pavers to suit any outdoor project.

View our collection online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe.

Alternatively, call our team of experts on 1300 560 560.

Or submit an enquiry form online with any questions, concerns or orders.

We look forward to hearing from you.

And helping you bring your outdoor marble paver pool, patio, or driveway to life.

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