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Sandstone Porcelain Pavers are the beautiful alternative to natural sandstone pavers. However, unlike natural sandstone which is a highly porous stone that is prone to erosion from exposure to salt, chlorine and moisture, porcelain sandstone is made from clay and is extremely durable, dense and resistant to salt, chlorine and moisture. As such, sandstone porcelain pavers are the more practical alternative for flooring around pool surrounds and any other outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements and weather extremities.

Our Sandstone Porcelain Paver collection strongly resembles the natural bands and veinings, sandy textures and deep orange and yellow colours found in natural sandstone. Each porcelain paver is unique and exudes elegance and warmth. These pavers add a homely touch wherever they are installed and are like a ray of sunshine to your outdoor landscape. Porcelain sandstone pavers are perfect for patios, entertainment areas, outdoor paths, home entrances and (as previously mentioned) pool surrounds.

Unlike natural sandstone pavers that require meticulous attention and detail with maintenance including regular sealing, cleaning and general upkeep, porcelain sandstone pavers are much easier to maintain. They do not require sealing or pre-sealing, and as the surface isn’t sandy and porous, you can relax knowing that spills and falling leaves will not cause permanent and irreversible stains on the stone. So if you have a young (and growing family), a busy schedule or just generally want to simplify your life, porcelain sandstone pavers are a more suitable option compared to natural sandstone pavers.

Armstone’s Sandstone porcelain pavers are non-slip and have a micro-sanded finish – both benefits makes them an ideal choice for pool surrounds. Additionally, we supply these sandstone porcelain pavers in bullnose, pencil-round and drop-edge coping for pool installations. This way you can create a pool area with the complete porcelain sandstone finishing touch.

Armstone’s Sandstone Porcelain Pavers collection includes the beautiful Cattai pavers. These have bright copper, orange, ochre and white bands throughout the surface of each paver. The technology with which the pavers are made is so advanced that the pavers resemble the grainy, sandpapery texture of natural sandstone. If you are looking for a like-to-like comparison, our Cattai Sandstone Porcelain Pavers strongly resemble our Sydney and Teakwood Sandstone Pavers. Browse these here.

Like all other porcelain pavers, sandstone porcelain is resistant to frost, heat, moss and mould. As such, they stay cool underfoot, especially on hot Sydney summer days, and because they are not porous, they do not absorb moisture. This means the sandstone won’t grow mouldy during the cold and wet winter periods. While natural sandstone pavers have some variance in size and thickness between each paver due the quarry and cut process, porcelain sandstone pavers are uniform in both size and thickness. So if you’re looking for consistency in your outdoor flooring project, sandstone porcelain pavers are more suitable than natural sandstone pavers.

Additionally, porcelain sandstone offers more flexibility in the installation process. These pavers can be installed on road base, sand, grass, pedestals and slabs. Their dense and durable nature also means that sandstone porcelain pavers have a very high resistance to weight. So if you love the sandstone-look and want to install it in a high traffic area like a path, pool surrounds or driveway, porcelain pavers are a more practical choice.

Whether your front or backyard has a modern or traditional design, sandstone porcelain pavers will add a touch of homeliness and warmth to your outdoors. Browse our range online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe to see our entire porcelain pavers collection in person. Additionally, you can compare the natural and porcelain sandstone to see which one you like best.

Our mission at Armstone is to help create a difference in your life. We understand that building a new home or renovating an old one, requires a lot of time, research, money and work. This is why we aim to guide you through this process and equip you with the most recent and useful information, making this process as smooth as possible. We know how important it is for you to enjoy the home you live in and build one that matches your lifestyle needs and stands the test of time.

If you have any questions about Sandstone Porcelain Pavers or if they’re the best choice for your project, please reach out to our Sydney team of stone experts via email at or over the phone at 1300 560 560.

We believe that everyone deserves a home they love to live in and we want to help you create yours.

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Hi Arman, thanks for getting the stone to us, superb service and product as always thank you, really appreciate it. Best regards, Joe
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Lovely to deal with, they provided a high quality product and level of service.
Daniel Dillenbeck
After some initial inspiration at the Armstone showroom, Arman and Lachlan were very helpful in assisting with the design for cladding our garden bed wall with the sandstone castle cladding product, finished with a light grey grout. It turned out amazing. Thanks for your help, prompt supply and after sales support.
Arman was extremely helpful with enquiries and advice. Very happy with the order of limestone pool coping and wall cladding.
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Arman has been outstanding to deal with. I contacted him to ask a few questions about pool coping. He was so knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to support our project. I couldn't be happier.
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Can unreservedly recommend Armstone. Arman is responsive to customer concerns and very knowledgeable. He listens carefully to customer needs. and he follows through on commitments. A pleasure to work with. He sets a standard for his industry.
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Love the pavers, was hard to find exactly what we wanted with the drop edge so was glad we found Armstone. Service was great, very helpful.
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The stones are nice and they have excellent advice and service. Special thanks to Arman for helping us.
Was very happy to see a shop that specilises in pavers. Couldnt find any other shop in Sydney that does something similar. Very professional and friendly place. Thanks Arman for your help in selecting, that was very helpful.
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Excellent service and knowledge of both their products and complaint installation requirements. Very patient and helpful. Can thoroughly recommend the team at Armstone