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Limestone Porcelain Pavers, unlike their natural counterparts, are not formed from the remains of ancient sea creatures. However, the technology used by our suppliers makes each stone look as though it was quarried out of a mountain with a unique story to tell. As such, porcelain limestone pavers have the same touch of elegance and sophistication akin to natural limestone, at a fraction of the cost.

However, unlike natural limestone pavers, where each individual paver has a unique density, colour and cut (all factors that determine the stone’s individual superiority), limestone porcelain pavers are consistent in their density and cut. This is because porcelain pavers are made from clay which ensures an even consistency throughout. Where would this be helpful with your home project, build or renovation? Well, say you’re considering limestone pavers for your pool surrounds. Depending on the quality, some natural limestone cuts are more porous than others. This creates issues when installed around the pool because of the constant exposure to water and moisture which will – over time – erode the integrity of the stone and cost more time and money to fix later. Limestone Porcelain Pavers eradicate this problem because they are dense, durable and non-porous, thus a perfect alternative to natural limestone for pool surrounds!

Armstone’s Limestone Porcelain Pavers are available in Jura Beige and Jura Grey, Atlas Cream, Atlas Beige and Atlas White, Fossil Black and Fossil White. Armstone are also the exclusive suppliers of our new range of Italian and Portuguese Porcelain Pavers in the Blanc, Park and Lake designs. Our entire collection of limestone porcelain pavers have a high slip resistance, do not require pre-sealing or sealing, are salt, frost, heat, mould, moss, chemical resistant, uniform in size and thickness, can hold heavy loads and be laid on road, sand, grass, pedestals and slab bases.

Limestone Porcelain Pavers are ideal for all outdoor areas like patios, pool surrounds, pathways and entertainment areas. If you love the limestone-look and lead a busy lifestyle where you aren’t able to maintain natural limestone, or you have a young growing family, are always entertaining or just don’t have the financial capacity to invest in the natural stones, definitely consider Armstone’s Limestone Porcelain Pavers for your outdoor flooring project.

Elegance and sophistication are synonymous to limestone porcelain pavers. These pavers will add even more class to your home’s outdoor areas. Perfect for modern garden designs, these pavers can also be used in more traditional home designs, especially our Jura Beige and Atlas Beige Porcelain Pavers, which have warmer coloured tones throughout. However, our limestone porcelain pavers have mostly cooler colourings.

Our Fossil Black Porcelain Pavers are a sophisticated flooring choice, especially for pool surrounds where you prefer to install white pool tiles like our Whitehaven or Pas Spanish Glass Pool Tiles. The contrast between the colours will create a mystical touch to your backyard. Alternatively, our more cream and whiter coloured limestone porcelain pavers are ideal for all areas where you prefer bright coloured flowers and/or furniture to be the focal point. Here the Atlas White, Atlas Cream and Atlas Pearl, Jura Grey and Fossil White are worth considering for your outdoor areas.

Like all other Porcelain Pavers in the Armstone collection, limestone porcelain absorbs 35% less heat than concrete or granite pavers. As such, they’re less likely to feel hot underfoot during Sydney’s scorching summers. Apart from feeling pleasant, this also adds an element of safety to your front or backyard, especially when installing them around a pool.

Unlike natural limestone pavers, porcelain pavers are not porous and thus, when spills occur, are a non-event. Simply wipe the spill and you’re done! Additionally you don’t need to worry about tree leaves dropping on the stone and releasing their acidic residue as they decompose during the Autumn months.

All in all, Limestone Porcelain Pavers are definitely for you if you love the limestone look and limited capacity for maintaining them. Browse our range online or if you prefer to see our full porcelain paver range, visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe.

At Armstone we pride ourselves on being your local Sydney experts on all things natural stone pavers. This means we only stock the highest quality stones that we source from around the world, so that you can build a home with exquisite outdoors that creates a difference in your life, meets your lifestyle needs and brings your joy for years to come.

If you have any questions about limestone porcelain pavers and if they are the best choice for your upcoming home renovation or build, reach out to our team. We would love to help you because we love everything about stones! Email us as or call 1300 560 560 during office hours.

We believe that everyone deserves a home they love to live in and we want to help you create yours.

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Joe @ ARC Services
Hi Arman, thanks for getting the stone to us, superb service and product as always thank you, really appreciate it. Best regards, Joe
Simone Blakeman
Lovely to deal with, they provided a high quality product and level of service.
Daniel Dillenbeck
After some initial inspiration at the Armstone showroom, Arman and Lachlan were very helpful in assisting with the design for cladding our garden bed wall with the sandstone castle cladding product, finished with a light grey grout. It turned out amazing. Thanks for your help, prompt supply and after sales support.
Arman was extremely helpful with enquiries and advice. Very happy with the order of limestone pool coping and wall cladding.
Kim Fitzhenry
Arman has been outstanding to deal with. I contacted him to ask a few questions about pool coping. He was so knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to support our project. I couldn't be happier.
Thomas Story
Can unreservedly recommend Armstone. Arman is responsive to customer concerns and very knowledgeable. He listens carefully to customer needs. and he follows through on commitments. A pleasure to work with. He sets a standard for his industry.
Anna Morrison
Love the pavers, was hard to find exactly what we wanted with the drop edge so was glad we found Armstone. Service was great, very helpful.
Sonia Su
The stones are nice and they have excellent advice and service. Special thanks to Arman for helping us.
Was very happy to see a shop that specilises in pavers. Couldnt find any other shop in Sydney that does something similar. Very professional and friendly place. Thanks Arman for your help in selecting, that was very helpful.
Guy W
Excellent service and knowledge of both their products and complaint installation requirements. Very patient and helpful. Can thoroughly recommend the team at Armstone