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About Quartz Porcelain Pavers

Quartz Porcelain Pavers, like all of Armstone’s Porcelain Paver collection, are made from a high quality clay with exquisite surfaces that strongly resemble natural quartz. Each paver has a unique texture, veining and colouring showcasing properties found in natural quartz stone.

Dense, durable, majestic and modern, quartz porcelain pavers are the ideal alternative to natural quartz. While natural stone has its own appeal and can stand the test of time – as evidenced by so many European structures that are still thriving after thousands of years since being built – it usually requires a hefty initial investment. While many people prefer natural stone pavers, they do require more time and care when it comes to maintenance and might not be feasible for you if you have a busy schedule, young and growing family or enjoy entertaining regularly. This is where porcelain pavers save the day! You get all the beauty of natural stone, with easier maintenance and a fraction of the cost required to invest and install.

Unlike natural stone pavers, outdoor quartz porcelain pavers do not require sealant and are easy to maintain and clean. Their surface features a high slip resistance, which makes them a perfect choice for installation around pools and pathways, where there is high exposure to moisture and the elements. Additionally, quartz porcelain pavers can hold heavy weights, so if you’re looking for pavers for high-traffic areas like footpaths or driveways, it’s worth considering.

Our range of Quartz Porcelain Pavers includes the Sofala, Daintree Black and Ambet. Armstone are also the exclusive suppliers of our new range of Italian Porcelain Pavers in the Gorge design. While these particular pavers have cooler tones that are more ideal for homes with modern designs, the warm coppers in the Sofala range can be used in traditional outdoor areas too. Whether you install them in your patio, around your garden, or pool surrounds, you’ll add a majestic touch to your front yard or garden.

Quartz Porcelain Pavers are the perfect choice for pool surrounds because they’re also resistant to salt and chlorinated water. Since pool areas are heavily exposed to water, salt and/or chlorine, it’s important to choose pavers that will not deteriorate over time due. Our quartz porcelain range also includes pool coping in either a contemporary bullnose or drop-edge cut. So if you’re looking for uniformity with your pool design, our quartz porcelain pavers will truly transform your pool area.

As mentioned above, our Quartz Porcelain Pavers range is best suited for home outdoors with modern aesthetics. The Sofala quartz porcelain pavers each have a unique veining, texture and colouring  featuring silvery grey-blue with copper splashes throughout. This paver is the only ‘warmer’ one in our collection. Even then, it oozes with elegance and style.

The Daintree Black and Ambet quartz porcelain pavers feature even cooler and classic tones. These are an ideal choice for any outdoor area where you prefer the furnishings or landscape to be the focal point, while the pavers provide a neutral backdrop. Daintree Black Quartz Porcelain Pavers, feature a charcoal-black colouring with specks of white veining throughout. This colouring easily masks stains and spills so it’s ideal for young families and entertaining purposes. On the other hand, Ambet Quartz Porcelain Pavers, feature a stormy grey-silver and white colouring, an ideal selection for pool surrounds or patios with bright, contrasting colours.

As with the rest of our porcelain paver range, our quartz collection is also resistant to frost and heat. This is because clay absorbs 35% less heat than concrete or granite pavers. As such, along with being able to withstand heavy loads, quartz porcelain pavers remain cool underfoot, which makes them a safer choice for outdoor areas, especially during Sydney’s extreme weather conditions. Additionally, quartz porcelain pavers are resistant to mould and moss and chemicals.

Unlike natural quartz pavers which can be split-faced and have variation in size and thickness, porcelain quartz pavers are uniform in size and thickness. So whether you’re installing them on base-sand, sand-cement creeds, or concrete slabs, this uniformity will make the entire process easier.

In a nutshell, if you love the quartz-like look and are working on a budget, or have specific lifestyle needs that aren’t synonymous with the upkeep required for natural stone pavers, Quartz Porcelain Pavers are an excellent alternative. View our collection online or visit our showroom in Glebe, Sydney where we have life-like installations that will inspire ideas for your home.

Our mission at Armstone is to help create a difference by helping you build a home with outdoors that match your unique lifestyle needs and add joy and value to your life and family for years to come. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality products from all around the world so that when installed, you can feel confident that the pavers will stand the test of time.

If you have questions about anything relating to quartz porcelain pavers, we would love to help. Contact our team of local Sydney stone experts via email at info@armstone.com.au or by calling 1300 560 560.

We believe that everyone deserves a home they love to live in and we want to help you create yours.

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Hi Arman, thanks for getting the stone to us, superb service and product as always thank you, really appreciate it. Best regards, Joe
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Lovely to deal with, they provided a high quality product and level of service.
Daniel Dillenbeck
After some initial inspiration at the Armstone showroom, Arman and Lachlan were very helpful in assisting with the design for cladding our garden bed wall with the sandstone castle cladding product, finished with a light grey grout. It turned out amazing. Thanks for your help, prompt supply and after sales support.
Arman was extremely helpful with enquiries and advice. Very happy with the order of limestone pool coping and wall cladding.
Kim Fitzhenry
Arman has been outstanding to deal with. I contacted him to ask a few questions about pool coping. He was so knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to support our project. I couldn't be happier.
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Can unreservedly recommend Armstone. Arman is responsive to customer concerns and very knowledgeable. He listens carefully to customer needs. and he follows through on commitments. A pleasure to work with. He sets a standard for his industry.
Anna Morrison
Love the pavers, was hard to find exactly what we wanted with the drop edge so was glad we found Armstone. Service was great, very helpful.
Sonia Su
The stones are nice and they have excellent advice and service. Special thanks to Arman for helping us.
Was very happy to see a shop that specilises in pavers. Couldnt find any other shop in Sydney that does something similar. Very professional and friendly place. Thanks Arman for your help in selecting, that was very helpful.
Guy W
Excellent service and knowledge of both their products and complaint installation requirements. Very patient and helpful. Can thoroughly recommend the team at Armstone