Tile Flooring Trends For 2020

Published by Armstone, 23 April, 2020

When your flooring is up-to-date, your whole home stays up-to-date, too. In this guide, we explore all the latest tile flooring trends for 2020. Why? Because tile flooring is revolutionising home interiors, both inside and out.

What type of tile flooring is most popular at the moment? There’s a strong preference for natural stone and porcelain. Homeowners are loving these products for their uniqueness, elegance and unrivalled durability.

So let’s dive in and explore the tile flooring trends that will be hot in 2020 and beyond. Get ready to pick up some tile flooring ideas you may never have even thought of before.

1. The look of luxury

For floors, the look of luxury is big at the moment. Traditional natural stone is bang on trend because it has a sophisticated, timeless appeal.

For floors in high-end bathrooms and kitchens, natural stones such as marble and travertine are a very popular choice because of their deluxe qualities. Both are also an excellent flooring choice in entryways, patios, wet areas and entertainment areas. They make a statement about luxury living that no other tile can match.

2. Textural details

In 2020, texture is crucial. By using different textures throughout your home – for floors, walls,  fixtures and fittings – you can really customise your living space and create a sense of harmony.

Natural stone has a smooth, cool texture that works exceptionally well in warm weather countries like Australia. Products such as bluestone have the kind of texture that makes any space feel fresher, with the added bonus of being continuously comfortable underfoot during our endless summers.

Similarly, marble tiles always keep their cool and can be polished up for a glamorously glossy look.

Another tile that gets all the textural details right is the timber-look tile. It recreates the warm, rich feel of timber, but it’s actually hard-wearing porcelain. So while the knots and grains in this matte-finished tile look exactly like real timber, it’s a longer-lasting option than natural wood. It’s also much easier to maintain.

The attractive Ulivo Timber Tile from Armstone

3. Colour trends for 2020

Colour trend #1

Champagne is a notable 2020 colour trend in interior design, along with soft beige and light grey. These neutral hues create a clean, stylish, minimalist canvas for your living quarters. 

A tile like the Serino Travertine Tile, pictured below, with its pinkish undertones, is the perfect neutral flooring for contemporary homes.

Serino Travertine Tile. Photo credit: Armstone

Colour trend #2

Blue is another colour trend that will make a big impact in 2020 and beyond. In the home, grey tiles in flooring look super stylish with blues. Think dark grey, light grey and silver – the colour of natural stone – complement blue-themed interiors in a visually splendid way.

Blues and greys. Photo credit: Unsplash

4. Shapes and sizes for home tiles flooring

In 2020, bigger is better, especially for tile floorings in the home. Tiles with width and length stretch out your living areas, creating a pleasing sense of openness and space. For open living plans, generously proportioned tiles ensure the whole area has a seamless flow.

Whether rectangular or square, large floor tiles are a trend that has staying power. All of the tiles at Armstone are available in big sizes, with our limestone tiles being the largest of the natural stones. The large limestone slabs are the ultimate for the fantastic feeling of walking on solid rock.

The Melba Limestone Pavers, pictured below, are luxuriously large.

Photo credit: Armstone

5. Quality over quantity

These days, most of us are opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. The throwaway culture of previous decades is well and truly heading for the rubbish tip.

For interior design, this means choosing quality products that will stand the test of time. Natural stone tiles provide true quality and durability. When cared for correctly, they can last several lifetimes.

Investing in the future is a massive trend in 2020. Making wise choices for your home flooring is something that will pay off in the long run – you’ll get long-term use out of your floors, and you’ll enhance the value of your property.

6. Environmentally friendly

Respect for the environment is another 2020 trend.

Products like our Timber Tiles are 100 percent environmentally friendly. They have the attractiveness of natural wood but are made from porcelain stoneware.

The Cipresso Timber Tiles, pictured below, create a warm, cosy vibe. Explore the full range of Timber Tiles at Armstone here.

The beautiful Cipresso Timber Tiles. Photo credit: Armstone 

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