Tile Flooring Trends For 2020

If you want to keep your home up to date, all you need to do is keep your flooring up-to-date! 

It’s that simple.

Every year there is a new trend in the interior design industry, so if you want to spruce up your home with the latest and greatest ideas, this guide will show you the tile flooring trends of 2020.

You see, tile flooring is revolutionising home interiors, both inside and out.

Now, we hear you asking: what type of tile flooring is most popular at the moment? 

Generally speaking, there is a strong preference for natural stone and porcelain. Homeowners love these products for their uniqueness, elegance and unrivalled durability.

So let’s dive in and explore the tile flooring trends that will be hot in 2020 and beyond.

1. The look of luxury

Floors typically reflect the overall home aesthetic. So if you’re looking to make your home a luxurious space, the best way to do this is by installing a luxurious floor. A good starting place for this is choosing a traditional natural stone because its sophisticated and timeless appeal is right on trend.

You have probably noticed that bathrooms and kitchens in high-end hotels and buildings are typically built using marble and travertine. These natural stone pavers are known for their deluxe qualities and if we look at their application over time, we can see them in many buildings that are thousands of years old. 

Marble and travertine are also excellent flooring choices for entryways, patios, entertainment areas and any spaces that may be exposed to rain or moisture. So if you want your home to be a statement of luxurious living, these tiles are unrivalled for their royal appeal.

2. Textural details

One crucial trend in 2020, is utilising texture throughout the home. Whether it’s on your floors, walls, fixtures or fittings, applying different textures is a way to customise your space and also create a sense of harmony throughout it.

The benefit of installing natural stone pavers, or tiles, is that they typically have a smooth texture that also stays quite cool underfoot. This is exceptionally important for homes built in warm tropical climates, like Australia. If you prefer your home to have a freshness to it, the texture of bluestone products have a way of keeping the space crisp and they also feel very comfortable underfoot for hot Australian summers.

Marble is another natural stone paver that keeps its cool and looks glamorous and glossy no matter where you choose to install it.

If you prefer a more earthy, wooden look, timber-look tiles are another option with an incredible textural aesthetic. Much like timber, they exude warmth and richness but unlike real wooden tiles, they are much more hard-wearing. Why? Because they’re made of porcelain! So while the knots and grains in these matte-finished tiles look exactly like real timber, if you are looking for a more durable tile that is easier to maintain, these are definitely worth considering.

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3. Colour trends for 2020

Believe it or not, in the design world/community, colour is a trend that regularly changes. Many interior designs can tell you the year a home was built just by the colours used within its interior. So what are the colour trends of 2020? Let’s have a look!

Colour trend #1

Along with soft beige and light grey, champagne is a 2020 colour that is trending in interior design. These neutral hues are popular because they create a clean, stylish and minimalist canvas for your living quarters. If you look at other lifestyle trends around the world, it correctly reflects the minimalist trend that many people are embracing.

A tile like the Serino Travertine Tile, pictured below, with its pinkish undertones, is the perfect neutral flooring for contemporary homes.

Colour trend #2

Another colour that will be making a big impact in 2020 and beyond is blue. If your home has grey tiles (dark grey, light grey or silver) throughout, blue is a lovely complimentary colour that adds style and contemporary touch to your current design.

1584340721 photo 1551525212 a1dc18871d4a 1The beautiful combination of blues and greys. Photo credit: Unsplash

4. Shapes and sizes for home tiles flooring

A 2020 floor tiling trend is the bigger, the better! This means that interior designers will be choosing tiles that have a broad width and length, installing fewer tiles but also creating the illusion of openness and space by stretching out living room areas. For homes with open-planned living areas, bigger tiles typically create a sense of seamless flow from one area to the other.

So whether you invest in large rectangular or square tiles, this trend has staying power. Change your tiles once and they will be on trend for years to come! If you would like to browse our selection at Armstone, we stock all our tiles in big sizes. The largest natural stone paver we have available is limestone tiles. If you like an earthy feel underfoot, the large limestone slabs are your ultimate paver!

The Melba Limestone Pavers, pictured below, are also luxuriously large. Choosing your natural stone paver depends on your home’s aesthetic, colour design and lifestyle. Some natural stone pavers are more porous than others and might not be as ideal for homes with young families where spills are a common occurrence. If you’re unsure which stone paver to choose, contact us at Armstone. We would love to help.

Melba Limestone 11web 1 1The luxurious and large Melba Limestone Pavers available at Armstone. Photo credit: Armstone

5. Quality over quantity

Another hot trend that is going to grow over the years is how many more people are opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. The throwaway culture of the previous decades is well and truly heading for the rubbish tip (thank goodness!).

What does this mean for interior design and home improvement projects? Simply that choosing quality products that will stand the test of time is the more fashionable choice. This means choosing durable and high quality materials such as natural stone pavers and tiles. With the correct maintenance and care they can last several lifetimes and generations.

Though it might seem like you’re forking out more capital now, your wise choices for your home flooring today will definitely pay off for you in the long run. Not only will you get longevity from the tiles but you’ll also enhance the value of your property. 

Join the 2020 trend and invest in the future.

6. Environmentally friendly

Another hot 2020 trend is…

Respecting the environment by choosing products that are environmentally friendly.

For example, if you love the look of natural wood but you are environmentally conscious, products like our Timber-Look Tiles are 100% environmentally friendly. They have the attractiveness of natural wood but are made from porcelain stoneware.

The Cipresso Timber Tiles, pictured below, create a warm, cosy vibe similar to wooden tiles. Check out our full range of Timber-Look Tiles at Armstone here and create a home that is both trendy and environmentally friendly!

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Now that you’re well aware of the floor tiling trends for 2020 and beyond, it’s time to upgrade your home!

If you have any questions about which tiling solution would best suit you, contact Armstone today or visit our Glebe showroom in Sydney, Australia. 

Our tiles will keep your home on trend and wow your family and friends.

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