Make your Walkway Timeless with Stepping Stones

You’re standing in your front or backyard, checking out your gardens.

You want to spice things up but aren’t quite ready to jump into a full-on landscaping project.

Or maybe you are considering adding that final finishing touch to your outdoor haven.

Irrespective of what stage you are at with your creative project, Stepping Stone is a simple, cost-effective and beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

Stepping stones can create an alluring focal point in any area. As the stones come in different shapes and sizes, they can be arranged in various ways. The way you choose to accessorise your home is then only limited by your imagination.

Fancy a winding pathway through your front or rear garden?

Maybe you desire a twisting side path leading to a fountain or door?

Either choice will make a beautiful addition to your landscaping space. And if you already have a lot of clean lines, breaking up your outdoors with organic shape steppers will balance out your space and bring a new dimension to your home.

Organic Stepping Stones

Avatar Stepping Stones*Avatar Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones

Organic stepping stones are great on their own.

But if you want to add something a little extra and give life to the space, you can do this by adding garden pebbles or planting dichondra plants in between the steppers.

Avatar Bluestone Stepping Stones
*Avatar Bluestone Stepping Stones 

From a functionality perspective, most garden stepping stones are very dense and hard-wearing. This makes them an ideal fit for the outdoor family.

These stone pavers are also very easy to install and can be laid on sand or grass without too much fuss.

If you want to opt for a low-maintenance solution, the bluestone stepping stone is an ideal choice. The dark earth-like features camouflage much of the dirt and debris that can build up on the stone’s surface.

In a way, stepping stones are like your garden’s jewels and can breathe a sense of serenity into your outdoor landscape..

If the bluestone organic steppers don’t suit your landscape design, that’s okay. There are plenty of other options, like the one below, available for you.

Citrine Stepping Stones 3* Citrine Quartz Stepping Stones

This particular one is called the citrine quartz stepping stone. It’s crafted from a dense and enduring natural stone called quartzite.

With a combination of mango and mint colour tones, these steppers are bound to lighten up your yard or complement most building styles.

Personally, we think they look absolutely stunning.

Now, if organic stones are not your thing, have no fear! There are plenty of other alternatives available.

Rectangular Stepping Stones

In all fairness, there really isn’t any discrepancy on what is a stepping stone and what isn’t. You see, stepping stones are simply stones set apart in such a way that makes walking through the garden an efficient and clean experience.

As such, you have endless options at your disposal and you are only limited by the imagination.

Here’s some inspiration from one of our client’s. In the photo below he’s used Raven Black Granite pavers of 800x400x30mm dimensions as stepping stones. He then filled the gaps with lava natural pebbles and we love how it looks.

Raven Stepping Stones*Raven Granite Stepping Stones

Not only is granite an extremely functional and hard-wearing stone, it’s a stone of deep beauty. Wouldn’t you agree?

Aside from this, Granite Steppers have many benefits. These include a high slip resistance, low maintenance and a dark colour that hides unwanted dirt and as such, doesn’t require constant cleaning to maintain its effect.

If black is not your colour of choice, there are plenty of other colours available.

Here are some examples.


Nulla Bluestone Pavers 5

*Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones

Circular Stepping Stones

Armstone’s Circular Bluestone Stepping Stones are a beautiful lava stone, exuding the natural character of basalt. With its dark grey tones and charcoal hues, our lava stepping stones create a majestic path from your garden to your front door. Alternatively, they can be an enchanting way to link your house with another zone in your backyard.

Kreis Bluestone Circular Stepping Stone
** Kreis Bluestone Circular Stepping Stone


If you’ve decided to start your stepping stone project and need some assistance with laying the stones, we found this really helpful article for you. Click here to read it.

All in all, stepping stones are a simple paving solution and can be used to transform your outdoor space at a relatively low cost. Stepping stones can help guide your visitors around your property while protecting the surrounding grass areas by keeping people off it!

If you need some help determining which stone is the right for you – you’re welcome to get in touch with us here.

We love this stuff.

And love hearing the positive testimonials from our customers after they transform their landscape.

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