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Wall Cladding is an easy way to improve your homes visual appeal and create added value, not mention style to your humble abode.

Let’s take a look at some types of wall cladding available, their particular features and benefits and how you can use these products on your own home.

What is Wall cladding?

Cladding is a thin layer of material that is attached to the outside of your home, retaining wall, planter box or pretty much anywhere else that you can adhere to. Other than increasing the beauty of your home there are benefits of weather protection as well.

Nostra Wall CladdingNostra Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is available in a range of colours, textures and forms of natural stone – to suit modern homes or traditional.

Natural stone gives a timeless and organic feel that is equally striking outdoors and inside your home. Matching corner and capping pieces provide the finishing touches to the design, which can enhance your overall space.

Wall Cladding comes in various different forms

Organic Free-Form Cladding:

Organic free form cladding is essentially loose pieces of stone with natural split surfaces and chipped edges. Allowing for greater flexibility in chosen effects – dress your feature walls, retaining walls, fireplaces and more.

Nostra Wall Cladding

Our free-form cladding also comes in full corner pieces, to give a classy and natural finish. Each piece of stone is sawn on the back to allow for easy and quick adhesion to your substrate.

The sky is the limit with free-form cladding, it really comes down to the installer – you want to make sure you have someone who not only knows how to install but also has an eye for design. It truly is a piece of artwork once it’s come together and the real value of this stone can only be appreciated when done the right way.

Z-Panel Interlocking Cladding:

Z-Panels are as the name suggests, panels in the shape of a Z.
These are fabricated overseas to include multiple small pieces of natural stone on a concrete backing.

The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity to install. Stone panels are an excellent walling product that makes any wall resemble an authentic stonemason’s drywall.

Dusky Granite Z-PanelDusky Granite Z-Panel

With many different stone offerings in z-panel form, some of the most popular we’ve found have been the Rustic Granite, Mica Schist and Toad Limestone.

A more ‘do it yourself’ type of cladding – the trick is to make sure your lines don’t meet up. You want to steer clear of this as the final look will feel unnatural.
This cladding again is easy to install, apply glue to the back of each piece as well as to your substrate and in no time, you will have your completed cladded area.

Geometrical Crazy Paving:

Individual crazy wall cladding pieces allow you to mix large and small pieces of stone to create a unique design. Allowing the ability to create custom sizes or shape, it truly is a versatile walling material. You may chip away at the pieces of stone to shape accordingly also.

Geometrical crazy paving stones are attached to a mesh allowing each tile to interlock with its surrounding pieces.

Benjamin Crazy PavingBenjamin Crazy Wall Cladding

You may simply glue the sheets or crazy pieces onto your suitable substrate which makes for a cost-effective installation as unlike the free-form cladding mentioned earlier, you do not need to cut each individual piece.

With geometrical crazy paving, you can create a truly modern and cutting edge look for the contemporary home. Available in materials like Quartzite, Bluestone and Slate, they are mostly hard-wearing materials.

Classic Stacked Stone:

Classic stacked stone panels are ready-to-install stone veneers containing small individual pieces of natural stone. Create a be an eye-catching feature for you the area you choose to use the stacked stone for. Each piece is individually glued to the panel and will create a life-like feature with a natural 3-dimensional appearance.

Bejamin Stacked Stone Benjamin Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is typically used to decorate and give life to feature walls, fireplaces and water features.

With its combination of strength and beautify, classic stack stones are a cost-effective way to build a stand-out feature.

With the ease of installation, stacked stone panels are manufactured in a light-weight manner with a size offering of 600x150mm – as well as corner pieces for a more “complete” stone-wall look.

Simply glue each panel to the wall, like tiles – and you’re ready to go.

Gazebo Stone CladdingGazebo Stone Wall Cladding 

Stone cladding can be employed to have a great effect in the following areas of your home:

1. Home exteriors – It can give a bland house frontage a contemporary look and a different appearance depending on the type of stone used (i.e. sandstone provides a warm, welcoming façade, while grey cut stone gives a more sophisticated look to a home).

2. Interior walls A stone clad feature wall in a study or conservatory can lend a sophisticated air to the space and stone cladding in an entrance hall suggests the feeling of exterior spaces beyond without being exposed to the elements.

3. Fireplaces – Stone cladding is ideal for areas around fireplaces and barbeques, where it can provide raw texture and depth and a primal appeal to what would otherwise be flat and un-captivating walls.

4. Garden walls – It can serve as a landscape feature in its own right or as a natural backdrop to a garden or water feature. It is also appealing when used in lower retaining walls around gardens or sloping ground.

5. Floors – It is ideal for a rustic look to kitchen floors or narrow hallways which would otherwise feel crowded (using larger tiles or flagstones helps to create a feeling of space) Stone cladding’s durability and easy cleaning properties also make it ideal for high traffic areas.


If the beauty and texture appeal to you more than most forms of cladding, you owe it to yourself to reward yourself for your hard work to-date. It’s key to remember not only are you adding a world of value to your home – you’re also well deserving to have your home the way you want it to be.

Your home is something you obviously see every day and interact with in a physical and emotional way. Bring it to life, the way you want it to be.

If you’re wanting to find out which option would best suit your circumstances, give us a call.

We love this stuff.

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