10 Great Stone BBQ Ideas

An Australian lifestyle is synonymous with family and friends gathered together around a barbeque all year around, which is why having an outdoor BBQ is ideal for most home owners.

Even though many people see BBQ as a functional item on which they can cook, we will let you in on a little secret: BBQs can also be designed in such a way that they add beauty to the exterior of your home.

Below we have listed 10 great stone BBQ ideas to help inspire you when you’re creating a BBQ for your own backyard.

1. Build a BBQ into the stone wall

Does your backyard have a stone border wall? If not – have you ever considered building one? You see, a stone wall gives your patio extra space by keeping the grill off of it and it also creates an outdoor kitchen appeal. You can add a fridge and other kitchen items to this area and give it even more functionality. So you’ll end up with an area that looks great and also saves your patio space as well! It’s a win-win all around.

2. Add a stone fire pit with grate

If you’re looking to add something beautiful to your backyard, we highly recommend installing a stone fire pit. There is something magical about sitting outside on a cool summer evening or a cold winter’s night and toasting marshmallows over the fire. And if you want to make it into a BBQ, simply add a large grate over the top of a running fire and voila! You now have an outdoor fire pit / BBQ: one of the more affordable and beautiful options for an outdoor BBQ.

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3. Create a stone chimney BBQ

If you want to create an area where the smoke doesn’t sit and build around the patio area, adding a stone chimney to your BBQ is the best way to do so. While it’s a luxury BBQ addition, you can BBQ right over the chimney, while adding any BBQ grill that you’d like under it. Extremely functional and time savvy.

4. Add appeal with a stone casing

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Do you want to hide the grill or maybe have it blend in nicely with the rest of your patio aesthetic? Stone casing is the solution! It adds a beautiful appeal and you can leave the back open to reach the tank while covering the rest of the grill to match the patio design.

5. Install a built-in stone BBQ smoker

So you prefer to skip the grill altogether and just create a smoker? Easily done! How? With stone of course! Building a small smoker where you can put food inside and cook it slowly with a fire lighted beneath it will create delicious food for all your family and friends. Complete your outdoor kitchen area with matching your smoker with a BBQ look.

6. Add a stone BBQ island

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Creating a central place where you gather and cook means that the smoke, mess and food can be contained within a central location – which also allows for easier maintenance after the cooking feast is finished. From a functionality perspective, creating an island in the middle of your patio allows you to grill and still be part of the party conversation. It’s also an eye-catching addition to your yard. Our one suggestion is that if you plan to build a large stone BBQ in your backyard, it may be a good idea to consult with a professional contractor to ensure everything is designed and built just right.

7. Create a built-in BBQ pit

Instead of building a BBQ on your patio wall, you can extend your patio and build a separate stone BBQ area. This gives you a separate area where you can grill your food and have the setting match the rest of your patio aesthetic. If you really want to enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor entertaining area, simply match your patio pavers to the stone when you add a built-in BBQ pit.

8. Stacked stone grill

Fancy something a bit more fancy? Let us introduce you to a stacked stone grill! This type of BBQ gives you multiple areas to use for grilling purposes and if you want to add extras, simply add them to the side.


9. Invest in an outdoor stone pizza oven

Who doesn’t love a traditional wood fired pizza oven? Most do and rightfully so! Wood fired pizza’s have a smoky deliciousness that runs through them that other pizzas don’t. And though pizza ovens are not your traditional grills, they give you a different way to heat up your dinner. These ovens reach the high temperatures required to cook delicious pizzas and the best part is that they look awesome in your backyard, too!

Bonza Quartz Cobblestones

10. Have a separate stone grill area

If you like to keep you cooking and entertaining areas separate, then simply create a separate stone grill area away from your patio or pool. When doing this, be sure to create a stone area to place the grill on and add side tables and shelves to keep your BBQing all organised.

There you have it! 10 great stone BBQ ideas for your patio and backyard.

Each of these options will add a beautiful appeal in your yard. If you are finding it challenging choosing which of these options would suit your home, consider your lifestyle and your current patio design. Do you want a more natural look? Do you prefer to keep the food prep area separate from the entertaining area or do you like it all in the same space? Additionally, consider your budget as well.

It’s quite amazing how you can boost the appearance of your backyard, create more functional space and have a great return on the investment by simply by adding a stone BBQ to your home.

If you would like any help making a decision or choosing the best stone for your BBQ, reach out to our experts at Armstone.

We have over 10 years experience with helping customers bring their dream backyard to life.

We would love to help you too!

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