10 Great Stone BBQ Ideas

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Having an outdoor BBQ can be ideal when the weather is nice and here are some outdoor stone bbq ideas. While we may see a BBQ as something to cook on, they can also be designed to add beauty to the exterior of your home and are a great way to entertain friends and family. Check out these great stone BBQ ideas to help you with some inspiration when you’re creating a BBQ for your own backyard.

1. Build a BBQ into the stone wall

Do you have a stone border wall in your backyard? Ever considered building one? A wall not only keeps the grill out of much-needed patio space, but it also offers an outdoor kitchen appeal. Adding to the bordering wall with a grill, fridge and other kitchen items can give you a more functional area. Not only will it look great, but it will be a great way to save space on your patio as well.

2. Add a stone fire pit with grate

A stone fire pit is a beautiful addition to the outside of the home. Adding a large grate over the top of a running fire can give you a place to BBQ whenever you’d like. This is one of the more affordable options to go with, but still beautiful.

3. Create a stone chimney BBQ

This BBQ area is a luxury addition that can be in your backyard. Created to take the smoke up and away from the patio area. You can BBQ right under the chimney, while adding any BBQ grill that you’d like under it.

4. Add appeal with a stone casing

Having a stone casing around the outside of the grill provides a beautiful appeal. You can leave the back open to reach the tank, but cover the rest of the grill to match the patio outdoors.

5. Install a built-in stone BBQ smoker

If you’d prefer to skip the grill and create a smoker, this can be done with stone. Building a small smoker to put food inside, then light a fire under can provide delicious food for all. Match the smoker with the BBQ look and have a complete outdoor kitchen area.

6. Add a stone BBQ island

Have a central place to gather and cook. With a middle island on the patio, you can grill and converse with everything at the party. This is also an eye-catching addition for your yard. If you plan to build a large stone BBQ in your backyard, it may be a good idea to consult with a professional contractor to ensure everything is designed and built just right.

7. Create a built-in BBQ pit

Instead of creating a BBQ on the wall around your patio, you can extend your patio to give way to a stone BBQ area. This provides you with a separate area to grill, but also something that matches well with the rest of the outdoor theme. When you add a built-in BBQ pit, it’s easy to match your patio pavers to the stone used for the grill to enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor entertaining area.

8. Stacked stone grill

Having a stacked stone grill provides you with a way to use multiple areas to grill on. This also gives a more natural stone look than some of the other options. You can choose to add extras, like a fridge to the side.

9. Invest in an outdoor stone pizza oven

Pizza ovens, though they’re not grills, provide the user with a different way to scrape up some dinner. These ovens reach the high temperatures needed to cook the most delicious pizza. The best part is that they look awesome in your backyard, too!

10. Have a separate stone grill area

Having a separate area away from the back deck in the backyard, such as by the pool, can be ideal. You’d just have to create a stone area to place the grill on, then you can create side tables and shelves to use for grilling.

Each of these options provides a beautiful appeal in your yard. Additionally, you can boost your appearance, provide a more functional space and have a great return on the investment that you make. Choose a backyard stone BBQ design that works best with you and your outdoor living space and give us a call at Armstone to discuss your stone needs.

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