10 Gardening Podcasts For Avid Gardeners

Where are all our avid gardeners at?

This blog is just for you (and your avid gardener friends of course).

If you feel that time is slipping away from you and watching your favourite gardening program on TV is a dream of the past, do not despair: there is a solution.

Gardening podcasts!

Yes, you read that right: portable and simple to tune in and listen to, you can get all the latest tricks and tips of the gardening and horticultural world, delivered to your creative mind while you’re driving, walking or cooking.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, podcasts are a great way to cultivate your green thumb. And to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 gardening podcasts that you can download straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and listen to them whenever (and wherever) you wish.

Let’s dive in!

1. Gardening Australia

The popular ABC program Gardening Australia is a goldmine of information for all things gardening, growing, and DIY. Presented by Australia’s leading horticultural experts and hosted by gardening guru Costa Georgiadis, the podcast features tips and tricks presented in the weekly TV program with additional bonuses. This free podcast can be downloaded and listened to via the website, the free listening app Podbean, or through the Apple iTunes store.

2. The Hungry Gardener

If you love food, gardening, and growing fresh produce then this podcast is for you! The Hungry Gardener is permaculture-focused, touching on sustainable living, farming, sourcing quality produce, and creating culinary masterpieces. The podcast is hosted by Fabian Capomolla, a.k.a, ‘the Hungry Gardener’ who is a guest presenter on channel 10’s show ‘The Living Room’. The podcast is based on conversations with experts in the gardening and produce fields and will open your eyes to the plentiful ways you can introduce edible plants and sustainable farming to your home. The podcast is free to download and listen to and can be accessed via The Hungry Gardener website or through the Apple iTunes store.

3. Garden Clinic

From advice on learning how to grow tomatoes to harvesting seaweed for the garden; Garden Clinic is bursting with creative and expert tips for the home gardener. Hosted by one of Australia’s most-loved experts on gardening – Graham Ross – and landscape architect and horticulturist – Linda Ross and Sandra Ross – the Garden Clinic podcast titled “Digs Deeper” offers a wealth of information and down-to-earth/practical tips, insightful conversations, and an encouraging tone for gardeners to get out in the garden and start planting. The free podcast can be accessed via their website or through Apple iTunes.

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4. Real World Gardener

The Real World Gardener podcast covers the ABC’s of gardening including garden design, how to choose the best plants for your garden, and all you need to know to grow vegetables. This Sydney-based station covers all kinds of gardening advice including how and where to pot plants, insights into local wildlife, fact-sheets about edible plants and how to grow them, as well as the origins of popular plant species. Regular segments include ‘Design Elements’, ‘Plant of the Week’, and ‘Vegetable Heroes’. Think of this podcast as an encyclopedia of horticulture that is readily accessible on your device. Access this podcast here or through the Apple iTunes store.

5. All The Dirt

Weekly podcast All The Dirt is brimming with all things gardening. Hosts Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe combine decades of gardening, sustainability, and environmental knowledge into weekly segments of advice and tips including ‘Plant of the Week’ and home-grown produce tricks and recipes in the ‘Garden to Kitchen’ segment. Listen to discussions, interviews, and helpful gardening insights in this free podcast through their website or via Apple iTunes.

6. Sow, Grow, Repeat

The Guardian’s “Ask Alys” series on gardening is now available as the Sow, Grow, Repeat podcast. Sit back and relax with a cup of tea as you listen to gardening writers Alys Fowler and Jane Perrone explore different horticultural topics and answer questions from home gardeners. From learning how to take care of a neglected summer Jasmine plant to how to take clippings from a seasoned plum tree, this podcast will keep you busy in the garden and inspired by the plentiful advice covered by the insightful hosts. Listen to the Sow, Grow, Repeat podcast for free and on-demand through Apple iTunes.

7. Gardens Illustrated

The UK-based Gardens Illustrated podcast is an eclectic mix of gardening advice, conversations, and interviews with notable figures in the horticultural field. Much like the live streamed segment of the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, much of Gardens Illustrated is recorded live on-site. Download, or live-stream, the podcast here.

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8. Slow Flowers

The host – Debra Prinzing – is a well-known expert in the horticultural field in the U.S. She is a regular contributor to a range of gardening and home-living magazines including ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ and ‘Fine Gardening’. This LA-based author hosts the Slow Flowers podcast where she shares stories of hardworking flower farmers and other stories of the US flower market. The podcast is all about flowers and their journey from growing in the field to beautifying your home in a vase. Join the creative community by downloading the free podcast here.

9. Gardening Show

This Australian talkback gardening podcast covers all aspects of horticulture and gardening ideas that are environmentally-friendly. Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross are live each Sunday from 7:30 am-9:15am on 3CR community radio, but the show can be downloaded and listened to anytime as a podcast too. Download it on iTunes or stream the show live here.

10. Still Growing

Still Growing is an hour-long weekly podcast filled with tips on how to help both you and your garden grow. Host Jennifer Ebeling does a fantastic job providing listeners with in-depth discussions, interviews, and gardening stories. Listeners can even join the Still Growing community on Facebook and submit questions they would like to be discussed on the podcast. The segment has an intimate feel with its long-format interviews and the sharing of ideas, advice, and expertise to help gardeners make better choices for their at-home or community project. You can listen to the weekly podcast here. New episodes are released every Friday from the USA.

And that’s a wrap of our top 10 podcasts for avid gardeners!

We hope you found something interesting for you and if it reminded you of a friend, share the blog with them too.

In case you want to learn more about landscaping, or if you’re updating your garden and need some pavers and new stepping stones, reach out to our experts at Armstone online here or call 1300 560 560. We care about helping avid gardeners like yourself create timeless outdoor landscapes for you and your family to enjoy.

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