Cuboid Loose Cobblestones

Cuboid Loose Cobblestones for Driveways and Pathways

About Cuboid Cobblestones

Cuboid Cobblestones are loose pieces of limestone, marble, and travertine cobblestones. Also known as ‘invariable’ cobbles, they have a consistent sizing with typically rumbled edges and a non-slip surface. Cuboid cobblestones – compared to the mesh and split-loose cobblestones that give an air of old-age European streets – have an air of elegance and add a majestic touch wherever they are installed.

Cuboid cobblestones are available in either rectangular or traditionally square cobble cuts. Their uniform nature is ideal for flooring solutions with high foot traffic accessed by children and elderly, like pathways or patios, where you want a safer surface to avoid trips and falls. Due to their consistent nature, cuboid cobblestones still need be installed with or with grouting. In fact, grouting adds a regal touch and truly transforms the entire outdoor aesthetic.

As with all cobblestones, our cuboid collection is a perfect choice for outdoor areas like driveways, home entrances, pathways and even patios. As loose cobbles, they offer more versatility with the installation process. In saying that, they do require a more seasoned workmanship so that they’re installed correctly and stand the test of time. Each of the natural stones – limestone, marble, travertine – require a specific finishing and sealing as well. If you are unsure if cuboid cobblestones are the best choice for your project, please reach out to our team of local Sydney stone experts via email at or by calling 1300 560 560.

Unlike our other cobblestone range, cuboid cobblestones do not really resemble old-age European cities or roads. Instead, they have a more natural paver-like aesthetic, except – instead of being available as biger pieces – they have a more compact sizing which adds to their unique character and texture when installed. As loose pieces, cuboid cobblestones can be installed in challenging areas like curved paths and steep driveway slopes.

Armstone’s Cuboid Cobblestone collection includes Silver and Leggero Travertine, Lokki and Regetta Marble and Aria Limestone. Each of these cobblestones have a unique colouring and cut. Our Regetta Marble cobbles can be installed in a herringbone pattern and the others can be installed in a traditionally brick or rectangular cobble format.

Our entire cuboid cobblestone range is ideal for modern or traditional outdoor home designs and can be easily paired with our classic natural stone paver marble, travertine and limestone range. As mentioned previously, these cobblestones add a majestic touch wherever they are installed, so if you want to create a welcoming entrance to your home that matches the rest of your outdoor aesthetic, you can. The lighter caramel coloured Aria Limestone and Leggero Travertine, exude warmth, making them perfect for pathways and patios. The cooler coloured Silver Travertine, Lokki and Regetta Marble, are more ideal for locations with high foot traffic like driveways. Their greyer tones also mask stains better, so if you are installing cuboid cobblestones in your backyard patio or entertainment area, they make for a unique and practical flooring solution.

Armstone’s Cuboid Cobblestones can also be used for bordering around the garden or sectioning off different areas. They have a tumbled finish and most of the pavers stay cool in direct sunlight, which makes them perfect for Sydneys’ hot summer days when the family is running in and out of the house, typically barefoot. So whether you are using cuboid cobblestones for practical or decorative purposes, they can truly transform any outdoor area.

Though you can view our entire cuboid cobbles collection online, if you are more visual and tactile, we’d love to invite you to visit our real-life displays at our Sydney showroom in Glebe.

At Armstone we are passionate about supplying you with the highest quality cuboid cobblestones and sharing industry secrets that will help you build outdoor floors that will stand the test of time. We understand that the building and/or renovation process can be cumbersome and overwhelming, often requiring a hefty investment. This is why we pride ourselves on sharing the most relevant information so that you can make the best decision for your project that will bring you and your family and friends joyous moments for many years.

We love everything about natural stones and are on a mission to help create a difference, because we believe everyone deserves exquisite outdoors that match their lifestyle needs. We would love to help you bring your project to life.

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After some initial inspiration at the Armstone showroom, Arman and Lachlan were very helpful in assisting with the design for cladding our garden bed wall with the sandstone castle cladding product, finished with a light grey grout. It turned out amazing. Thanks for your help, prompt supply and after sales support.
Arman was extremely helpful with enquiries and advice. Very happy with the order of limestone pool coping and wall cladding.
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Was very happy to see a shop that specilises in pavers. Couldnt find any other shop in Sydney that does something similar. Very professional and friendly place. Thanks Arman for your help in selecting, that was very helpful.
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