Jasper Stone Wall Cladding

  • Jasper Stone wall cladding

Product Information

  • Jasper Stone Wall Cladding is made of rugged individual pieces of quartzite stones, each uniquely and randomly sized to create a timeless wall feature. With bold earthy, rustic copper and steel tones, Jasper Stone Wall Cladding can be installed both dry-stacked or grouted in either indoor or outdoor settings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tumbled, Sawn Back for Easy Installation
  • Random Sizes for Natural Appearance
  • Pre-Shaped Corners
  • Matching Capping
  • Can be Dry Stacked or Grouted
  • Ideal for Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Facades and Fireplaces

Available Sizes

Approximate Size:

  • 100mm (H) x 100mm (L) x 20-40mm Thick
  • 100mm (H) x 150mm (L) x 20-40mm Thick

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