Gazebo Stone Wall Cladding

  • Gazebo Wall Cladding

Product Information

  • Gazebo Stone Wall Cladding, with its unique blend of soft vanilla tones and cool blue blends, is the perfect blend of contemporary cool and warm homeliness. It’s easy to see why this stone wall cladding is a popular product amongst Australian home owners, landscapers and architects alike. Gazebo Stone Wall Cladding is actually another stunning variation of Quartzite. We supply this wall cladding with a natural split-face and sawn back, making it an ideal product to build a timeless, exquisite wall. Our Gazebo Stone Wall Cladding can also be laid as a dry-stack (with no grout) or with grout. You can also install this internally and externally. If you would like more information on how you can best use our Gazebo Stone Wall Cladding, contact us here. One of our natural stone experts will be able to answer all your questions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Split Sides, Sawn Back for Easy Installation
  • Random Sizes for Natural Appearance
  • Pre-Shaped Corners
  • Matching Capping
  • Can be Dry Stacked or Grouted
  • Ideal for Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Facades and Fireplaces

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