Cabana Stone Wall Cladding

Product Information

  • Cabana Wall Cladding, with its subtle earthy charm and uniform warm vibes, is a popular limestone choice for wall cladding. Easy to install, versatile and durable, the Cabana Limestone Wall Cladding offers a timeless Ashlar pattern that will undoubtedly liven up any area in your home: both indoors and out. Used mainly to dress feature walls, façades and retaining walls, Cabana Wall Cladding is also ideal for fireplaces, outdoor barbecue areas and water features. For more information about Cabana Wall Cladding, reach out to our team of natural stone experts here.

Key Features:

  • Coursed Heights
  • Sawn Back for Easy Installation
  • Pre-Cut Corners
  • Pre-Shaped Panel
  • Split Face & Sides
  • Matching Capping
  • Ideal for Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Facades and Fireplaces

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