Black Quartz Stacked Stone

  • Black Quartz Stacked Stone

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  • Black Quartz Stacked Stone is a ready-to-use stone veneer consisting of small individual pieces of black Quartz natural stones. Much like the white quartz stacked stone is the only white stone option, this is the only black stacked stone option and boy-oh-boy, does it stand out! Installed in the right place, you can really create a wonderful feature and bring elegance and style to your indoor, or outdoor, spaces. If you love darker coloured stones, this is a must-see! Additionally, stacked stones are stacked and glued onto the panels in such a way that they add a natural 3D look wherever they are installed, making them an eye-catching feature. They are easy to install and available with matching corner pieces and capping that makes the entire building process as seamless as possible.

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