Stacked Stones - Classic Range

Stack stone panels are ready-to-use stone veneers consisting of small individual pieces of natural stone. With stacked stones it’s easy to clad any wall or column and turn it into an eye-catching feature. The way the stones are stacked and glued onto the panels gives your wall a natural 3D appearance.

If you’re looking for a way to add aesthetic appeal to your internal or external walls or other vertical structures, and don’t want to piece the cladding together stone by stone, then stacked stone panels are the way to go. Stack stone is typically used to decorate and liven up feature walls, fireplaces and water features.

Armstone’s classic range of stacked stone wall products are made from premium natural stones, such as quartz and slate, that combine durability and strength with natural beauty. Our stacked stone cladding comes in a variety of colours and shades, from white, fawn and sandy colours to darker greys and warm copper browns and reds. Choose the stone that suits the style and ambiance of your property or ask our experts to help you make a selection.

As a stone veneer, stacked stone walling is a cost effective way to dress any wall. Installation is quick and easy. The panels we offer are straight panels in a convenient size of 600x150mm, which can simply be glued onto the wall like tiles. We also have matching L-shaped corner pieces in a range of different sizes to make your job of finishing the decoration of your wall even easier.

Countless Australians are using stacked stone cladding to add visual appeal and value to their property by building striking feature walls and pillars. While stackstone walling products are most commonly used outdoors, they are equally suitable to liven up internal spaces such as fireplaces or indoor feature walls.

Explore Armstone’s classic stacked stone range on this page or visit our showroom to see all our wall cladding solutions and get expert advice.

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Looking to add a truly unique finishing touch to your next project? Are you a fan of organic textures and natural colours? Explore our classic range of stacked stones.

These stone veneers make it quick and easy to clad any interior or exterior wall or column with eye-catching stone. Our premium stacked stones are crafted to create an irregular, three-dimensional surface texture and natural colour variations.

The team behind Armstone is more than happy to chat with you and help you select the perfect stacked stones and stone veneers for your upcoming project. Visit us at our showroom in Glebe or phone today on 1300 560 560.