Crazy Wall Cladding

Crazy wall cladding is a dynamic walling product found in stylish resorts as well as more and more contemporary properties in Australia. The word crazy in the term crazy wall cladding refers to the creative way stones of irregular shapes and sizes are clad onto the wall in a random pattern. This solution is sure to bring colour and attention to any property or landscape.

Within Armstone’s collection of crazy cladding products, you can choose either loose pieces of natural stone for maximum flexibility or pre-prepared wall cladding panels with natural stones stuck on mesh for fast and easy installation. All our wall cladding is suitable for external walls, while some can also be used indoors. See the specifications of each product for more details.

The individual crazy wall cladding pieces allow you to combine large and small pieces and create your own forms to achieve a unique design. You can even create your own specific shapes or smaller sizes if needed by chipping away at the stone to shape them to your liking.

Meanwhile, the crazy paving stones adhered to a mesh background are designed so each tile interlocks with the surrounding tiles, creating a seamless finish. The crazy wall cladding can simply be glued onto a suitable substrate and when you use the interlocking cladding, you save on installation costs as there is no need to cut the stones.

Armstone also carries a range of crazy paving so you can pull together the look of your walls and floors of your outdoor areas if you like. Our experts are happy to advise you on the various crazy walling and paving solutions available to achieve the look you want.

Our collection of crazy wall cladding is made of strong, attractive natural stones including quartz, slate, bluestone and sandstone in a natural, sawn or smooth anti-slip finish and thicknesses ranging from 12 to 50mm.

Call or visit us to learn more about how you can use our crazy wall cladding products to create a modern, intriguing design for your walls.

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If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic, natural-looking wall cladding product, you’ve landed in the right place. Our so-called ‘crazy’ cladding gets its name from the irregular, creative way the premium stones are arranged together. With a dynamic array of stone sizes and colours, the finished look is organic and eye-catching, elegant yet bold.

Our crazy wall cladding is available as either loose pieces of natural stone for full customisability, or pre-prepared cladding panels for quick and easy installation. Drop into our Glebe showroom or get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 560 560 to learn more.