Timber Tiles

Timber flooring gives you that warm and rich feeling under your feet and aesthetically in your home. If you are looking to create that same feeling with a material that has the strength of tiles, then timber-look tiles are the perfect solution for you! Porcelain timber-look tiles are versatile and highly durable and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The timber tiles we stock at Armstone hold a striking resemblance to natural timber floor boards, except they are made of strong porcelain stoneware. This makes them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and balconies, or any other internal and external floors.

With improvements in technology, matt porcelain floor tiles are difficult to distinguish from real natural timber floors, making timber-look porcelain tiles more realistic than ever. These realistic properties include the shades, textures, knots, grains and other irregularities found in timber.

Unlike real timber, though, timber-look floor tiles have a major advantage: they do not need regular and time consuming maintenance involving sealing, waxing and polishing. Also, unlike timber floors, porcelain tiles don’t warp, shrink or expand when exposed to extreme heat, cold or moisture. If you accidentally spill something on timber porcelain tiles, you simply wipe it off! If the floor gets dirty, you simply wash it. They are easy to maintain which makes them perfect for you if you have a busy lifestyle, lavish entertaining schedules or growing a family with young children!

At Armstone, you will find that our timber tiles are durable and versatile. You can use them both inside your home or in your front or backyard. Our collection includes Spanish and Italian timber porcelain floor tiles. These are available in four colours: Cipresso, Seraya, Tiglio and Ulivo. You can browse our selection online or you’re welcome to visit our showroom in Glebe, Sydney.

If you have a modern home, check out our selection here. You will find that our timber tiles are perfect for your decor.

Whether you are looking to transform your indoor or your outdoor space – or maybe both – call us if you need help with getting started.

We are excited to help you and are confident that you will love our wood like tiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are timber-look tiles?

Timber-look tiles are a durable alternative to traditional wooden flooring. The tiles are actually made of porcelain but are finished to look like timber. This creates the same luxury feeling without the maintenance issues like waxing, sealing and polishing, that are commonly associated with wooden floorboards. With advancements in technology, timber-look floorboards have shading, knots, textures, grains and irregularities throughout, making them look more realistic than ever. They truly are the perfect alternative for wooden floorboards.

Why use wood look tiles?

The reason you would use wood-like tiles instead of real timber is they drastically reduce the time you need to spend on repairs and maintenance.In order for real wood to sustain its quality, it requires consistent sealing, polishing and waxing otherwise it can become vulnerable to water and insects. Porcelain wood-like tiles, on the other hand, offer all the beauty and aesthetics of timber floors, without the hassle of regular maintenance.

Where to use wood look tiles?

Wood-like tiles can be used for a wide range of projects and the most stunning and popular of which is flooring. As porcelain wood-like tiles are much easier to clean, they make a perfect finishing touch to any living space, kitchen or bedroom.

Where to buy wood look tiles?

Wood-like tiles are available at many flooring and carpentry suppliers. Make sure to invest in quality products because even porcelain tiles are not all created at the same standard. At Armstone, Sydney’s leading stone and flooring supplier, we have spent 10 years sourcing the best quality wood-like tiles from all over the world. Contact us for more information and a free quote!

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