Indoor Travertine Tiles

When it comes to choosing a natural stone for floor tiles, travertine is right up there among Australian home owners. Travertine is a strong and versatile material that can be used to create a distinctive ambience in a variety of ways. Travertine flooring creates a warm and classic look that can be combined with any property style.

Travertine tiles are commonly used for flooring in living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and verandas while travertine is also a popular material for outdoor pavers and pool copings. This light-coloured stone has been used in European construction for centuries and has a timeliness quality and attractive beauty that suits both contemporary and traditional design.

At Armstone, our travertine tile range includes shades such as Ivory, Silver, Lunar and Medium. A beautiful dense stone with a hard surface, travertine is available in veined and cross cut. In the vein cut, the striking veins are visible while in the cross cut, the stone’s natural spots and grooves are highlighted.

Thanks to its high density, travertine is the perfect indoor flooring material. It is hardwearing, durable, remains cool and because of the colour variation in the material, travertine is a very practical tile for indoor areas as any stains that your tiles may incur over time will not be that obvious.

Our Silver Travertine tile is the most popular among our travertine flooring range. Silver tones flow through the entire stone in a blend of light and dark shades, complemented with touches of brown that give it a truly unique look. On the darker end of the spectrum, our Luna Travertine tiles with their walnut coloured hues and tumbled finish add an earthy appearance to any space.

To see these splendid travertine tiles as they would appear in your home or commercial project, we invite you to visit our Glebe showroom and talk to our friendly staff.

At Armstone, we strive to provide you with travertine tiles that will last the test of time and use and still look great for years to come. With our travertine indoor tiles, you can create many different kinds of ambience in your living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and verandas. Australian homeowners know and love travertine, and for good reason.

For example, our Serino Premium travertine tiles are honed and filled, providing you with a smooth surface perfect for indoor areas. These travertine tiles retain a lot of character, with their soft beige colours expressing themselves in unique ways. These Leggero Premium tiles are highly sought-after and regarded among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Our Premium Silver travertine tiles are just that – timeless, classic grey stone tiles that are perfect for setting the tone in your living areas, kitchen, bathrooms, and elsewhere.

Travertine is an ancient interior design element, about as “Old World” as you can get. It’s as old as Roman times – in fact, the name comes from a town in Rome that is known nowadays as Tivoli, on the banks of the Tiber river. But Old World does not mean old-fashioned, and travertine tiles have been a hit with Australian homeowners, architects, and interior designers for decades now – and look set to stay and retain their charm for a long time to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use travertine indoors? 

Yes you can definitely use travertine indoors! At Armstone we offer both the Serino Travertine Tiles, a lighter and more natural colour, and Silver Travertine Tiles, a marble-esque and slightly darker and more elegant colouring. Either tile will suit your indoor decor, depending on the rest of your interior home design and aesthetic! For more information about our range of indoor travertine tiles, get in touch with us at 1300 560 560 today or visit our real-to-life showroom in Glebe, Sydney for inspiration and ideas!

Why is it good to use travertine tiles? 

Travertine tiles are a perfect idea for your indoor flooring as they are durable, beautiful and have that flat honed/matte surface that feels great underfoot. Armstone’s range of shades and colours include Ivory, Silver, Noche and Medium. These will suit any interior decor and the nature of these tiles will make stains and spill barely noticeable! So it’s a win-win situation for style and maintenance!

How to clean travertine indoors? 

Cleaning indoor travertine tiles is very similar to cleaning outdoor travertine pavers, we only recommend that you mind the mess! We suggest cleaning them with warm soapy water and cleaning them slowly, by mopping one small area at a time (this helps avoid causing a mess indoors and having unnecessary water seep into the stones). For more information about cleaning travertine or to learn about our cleaning products, contact us online today!

Where to buy indoor travertine tiles? 

Travertine tiles are available at any good natural stone supplier. At Armstone, we search the world to stock the best quality travertine tiles in Sydney. For a wide range of stunning indoor travertine stone tiles, browse our collection online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe.

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