Marble Tiles

Marble is a classic natural stone that is instantly recognised around the world for its infinite beauty and the sense of luxury it exudes. A derivative of limestone, marble is a metamorphic type of natural stone composed of carbonite minerals.

Sourced from all around the world, marble has created great impact for centuries in the most majestic buildings in history, including the Taj Mahal. This prestigious look can be recreated in your home or commercial property with Armstone’s premium marble tiles.

Marble is an immensely dense stone consisting of an interlocking mosaic of minute crystals, which give the material its unmistakable look. All marble tiles are unique with their own characteristic patterns, swirls, veins and colour variations.

Marble tiles are mostly used for living room floors and bathrooms, but you can use them to add quality and style to any room you like. Create a luxurious entry to your home by laying marble tiles in your hallway, for example. There is no doubt that marble tiles will create an immediate impact wherever you use them.

We recommend you seal the tiles for maximum protection from water and stains. Marble is reasonably low maintenance and only needs a small amount of care once they have been installed and sealed. Marble is a material that is very suited for polishing.

Armstone’s collection of marble floor tiles includes Iceberg, Emprador, Pietra, Calacatta, Carrara and Tundra Grey marble tiles. Explore them on this page or to see them for yourself and talk to our experts, visit our showroom in Glebe.

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There is nothing that says class and elegance quite like marble tiles. Our marble floor tiles come in three shades and are carefully sourced to provide you with the best material for your foyer, living room, bathroom, hallway or elsewhere. Go with our classic white Carrara Marble tiles, the dark, yet gentle Pietra Grey marble tiles, or the beautiful middle-of-the-road between the two – our Tundra Grey marble tiles that exude a striking character with their white and soft grey veins throughout. Truly a material of gods and emperors, marble will add more than just a touch of class to your home.

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