Limestone Tiles

With their beautiful earthy colours and consistent appearance, limestone tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. A sedimentary rock formed from calcite found in ancient sea beds, limestone is a luxurious stone with unique colour variations, intricate veining and sultry depths. These tiles bring beauty and sophistication to any indoor or outdoor space.

Thanks to their density, their water-repelling properties and non-slip surface, limestone tiles are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The strength and durability of limestone makes it a perfect material not just for internal spaces but also to pave verandas, courtyards, patios, pool surrounds and entertainment areas. Armstone stocks both limestone tiles and limestone pavers so you can have limestone both indoors and outdoors on your property.

If you like your tiles to look and feel natural, limestone may be just the right material for you. Limestone exudes luxury and warmth. With its soft neutral colours, limestone flooring will add a sense of elegance to your property.

Limestone stiles are very resilient and easy to clean and maintain. We recommend you seal your limestone tiles to avoid any reaction from excessive water, but they don’t require any polishing. When cared for properly, limestone floor tiles can maintain their beauty for many years.
The Armstone range of limestone tiles includes beautiful shades such as Daintree and Silver Bianco, along with the art deco look of Forrest limestone and the soft grey and white shades of Gohera.

We invite you to view these amazing tiles at our Glebe showroom and explore the possibilities that limestone offers to your next design.

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