Merino Marble Pavers

Product Information

  • Merino Marble Paver’s most distinctive characteristic is its easy-on-the-eyes white and grey veins. A true embodiment of the subtle Hampton-style together with its sense of depth, our Merino Marble pavers will create an inviting and soft aesthetic to your area of choice. Featuring a sandblasted finish, these pavers are ideal for outdoor use, especially in wet areas. While Merino Marble is a naturally dense stone, these pavers feel smooth under your feet. For questions on how you can best use our Merino Limestone Pavers, please click here to contact one of our expert team members.

Key Features:

  • Cut From High-Quality Marble Blocks
  • Cool Underfoot in the Summer Sun
  • Non-Slip




Available Sizes


  • 600x400x30mm
  • French Pattern 30mm


  • 600x400x15mm
  • French pattern 15mm


  • 600x400x30mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 600x400x30mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)

Step Treads:

  • 1210x400x30mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)

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