Adicus Marble Pavers

  • Adicus Marble Pavers

Product Information

  • Adicus Marble Pavers feature stunning, bold grey tones and captivating white lightening strikes throughout their surface design. Whether you choose to adorn your entrances, patios, walkways, pool surrounds or outdoor entertainment areas, these pavers will add a striking appeal to your home. Like most marble pavers, Adicus Marble is dense which means is can easily be laid on either compacted Road-Base or Sand-Screed. Its slip resistant surface also makes it an ideal option for wet-areas like pool surrounds and pathways.

Key Features:

  • Rumbled Edge
  • Slip Resistance
  • High Density

Available Sizes


  • 600x400x30mm


  • 600x400x12mm


  • 600x400x30/80mm Drop Edge (Mitred)
  • 600x400x30mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 600x400x30mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)

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