Sawn Sandstone Crazy Paving

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This product is used primarily in traditional settings and is perfect for an informal look when a sawn finish is required. With Sandstone Sawn Finish Crazy paving you are given the flexibility to create your own patterns and designs.
That is the true beauty of crazy paving, the ability to combine small pieces with large pieces and achieve any design you please. You also have the option to chip away at the stone to shape each piece to your liking. Given all the above options, it is a matter of taste and your eye for design to create a masterpiece for your home or garden.
Sydney Sandstone Crazy Paving is one of the most Australian stones you can get your hands on. It originates from Sydney and is well recognized by most Australians. Sydney Sandstone is one of the most popular and most inquired about materials that we provide. The reason for this is simple: it’s a beautiful stone. With its vivid, lively colours and beautiful soft surface, Sydney Sandstone is a must for any Australian home. With great beauty comes great responsibility – note that this is a stone that requires care and maintenance. If treated right, just like anything else in life, this stone will treat you right. Sydney Sandstone is a beautiful addition to any home, as paving or as a feature.

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