Porfido Porphyry Crazy Pavers

Product Information

Porfido Porphyry Crazy Pavers are imported from Italy. The stone is extremely durable and suitable to use in high traffic areas.

These are thin slabs of porphyry stone with irregular shapes and split edges used for paving surfaces such as walks, driveways, and patios. Porhrpgey crazy is an igneous rock that has been cleft into their final thickness.

Available in porphyry cobblestones, porphyry crazing paving, and porphyry random length paving.

Available Sizes

Crazy Pavers:
20-50mm Medium Crazy Paving 
20-40mm Large Crazy Paving

100mm wide and random lenghth 30-60mm thick
200mm wide and random lenghth 30-60mm thick

100X100X40-60mm Loose

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