Pazzo Quartz Crazy Paving

  • Pazzo Crazy Paving

Product Information

  • Pazzo Crazy Paving is a split-faced quartz with a flagging aesthetic. It is available in irregular shaped slabs with settled olive, cool cream and grey tones with a thickness variation approx. 25-40mm. Pazzo Crazy Paving can be used for courtyards, driveways, pathways or as garden paving.

Available Sizes

Crazy Pavers:

  • Large sizes: 25-40mm thick, 5-7pcs per m2


  • Cube: 100×100-30-50mm
  • Filletti: Random length x 40-80mm Width x 40-80mm thick

Stepping Stones:

  • Medium: 400x450x40-70mm Thick
  • Large: 500x550x40-70mm Thick


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