Crazy Paving

If you don’t like the neat look of straight, even pavers, crazy paving may be the perfect solution for your outdoor area. Crazy pavers, also known as random pavers, are just that: a mixed collection of natural stones in different shapes and sizes. Crazy paving is a very flexible product that allows you to create your own patterns and designs, providing depth and texture to any area.

What makes crazy pavers so popular is the ability to combine large pieces of natural stone with smaller pieces and lay them any way you like to achieve a truly unique design. Because of the irregular shapes, you’ll get a natural, dynamic look. They are also the perfect solution if you want natural stone pavers laid in curved areas of your garden.

Crazy paving can be used for all your outdoor paving requirements, from garden paths and walkways to patios, courtyards and driveways. We also stock crazy wall cladding. Use the natural stone that best suits the style of your property so the random pavers will complement the look of your home and garden.

Most of Armstone’s crazy paving stones come as loose pieces in varying sizes. If you need some smaller stones or you need a specific shape or size to complete your design, you can chip away at the stone to shape it to your liking. This flexibility is the true beauty of crazy pavers.

We also stock crazy stones that are already glued to a mesh background and come in shaped pieces. They are designed so each tile interlocks with the surrounding pieces to create a seamless finish. This solution saves on installation costs as you don’t need to cut your pieces and lay them individually. This makes laying crazy paving a quick and easy job, although it limits your opportunities to create your own shapes as you can do with our loose pieces.

At Armstone, our collection of random pavers includes Pianura bluestone with a smooth anti-slip finish, sandstone pavers with a sawn finish, and hand-split sandstone crazy paving with a natural finish.

Call or visit us to find out how you can use crazy paving to create an interesting, organic look around your property.

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