Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones

  • Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones

Product Information

  • Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones have a primarily consistent grey and smooth appearance. With small “cat paws” scattered throughout its surface, this stone has no shortage of character. Featuring a smooth, matte and anti-slip finish, Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones are an ideal choice for a contemporary and modern home or garden. Available in a range of rectangular sizes, these Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones are the perfect choice for a structured and more formal outdoor landscape.
  • Spruce up your stepping stones by adding natural garden pebbles or dichondra plants in the gaps between the stones. For more information on how you can best use Nulla Bluestone Stepping Stones, reach out to our natural stone experts here. Our team would love to help you bring your dream home and garden to life.




Available Sizes

Stepping Stones:

  • 800x400x30mm
  • 1200x400x30mm

Organic Shaped Stepping Stones:

  • Small approx. 450x450x30mm
  • Medium approx. 600x600x30mm
  • Large approx. 800x600x30mm
  • Extra Large approx. 800x1000x30mm


  • 600x400x30mm
  • 600x600x30mm
  • 600x300x30mm
  • 450x300x30mm
  • 30mm French Pattern
  • Crazy Pavers 30mm


  • 600x400x20mm
  • 600x300x20mm
  • 800x400x20mm
  • Crazy Tiles 20mm


  • 600x400x30/80mm Drop Edge (Made From One Piece)
  • 600x400x30mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)

Step Treads:

  • 1200x320x30mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1200x320x30mm Pencil Edge (On One Long Side)


  • 1200x145x20mm

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