Minto Quartz Stepping Stones

  • Minto quartz stepping stones

Product Information

  • Minto Quartz Organic Stepping Stones are an ideal stepping stone if you want to create a pathway in your back or front yard that has an organic aesthetic. With a very light olive-grey colouring, these round stepping stones have an uneven edging that adds a whimsical touch to your garden. They feature a naturally split and anti-slip surface which is ideal for pathways exposed to the elements making them comfortable underfoot and safe from slippage. Due to its dense composition (compared to our other stepping stones), Minto Quartz Stepping Stones are easier to install and can be placed on either soil or grass.
  • If you love our Minto Quartz Stepping Stones and need any help with how to install them or other ways you can use them to enhance your home or garden, reach out to us here and one of our stone experts will answer your questions.

Available Sizes

Stepping Stones:

  • Medium: 400x450x40-70mm Thick
  • Large: 500x550x40-70mm Thick

Crazy Pavers:

  • Large sizes: 25-40mm thick, 5-7pcs per m2


  • Cube: 100×100-30-50mm
  • Filletti: Random length x 40-80mm Width x 40-80mm thick


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