Mistral Granite Step Treads

  • Mistral Granite Step Treads

Product Information

  • Mistral Granite Step Treads have a similar yet complimentary colouring their sister paver; the Gabbo Granite Step Treads. Mistral Granite Step Treads have a surface base that is light in colour with shades of greys and black speckled throughout. They almost look like the coat of a Dalmatians dog. Similarly to other granite products, Mistral Granite is an extremely dense and strong natural stone paver. This makes it ideal for outdoor areas that sustain heavy foot traffic such as pathways, steps, driveways and entertainment areas. Perfect for homes with modern aesthetic, you will love how Mistral Granite will transform your steps! We also have Mistral Granite available as tiles, coping, pavers and steps so you can mix and match and create a beautifully designed home.

Available Sizes

Step Treads:

  • 1200x320x30mm Bullnose (On One Long Side)
  • 1200x320x30mm Beveled Edge (On One Long Side)


  • 1200x145x30mm


  • 600x400x30mm
  • 400x400x30mm
  • 600x300x40mm


  • 600x300x20mm
  • 600x400x20mm


  • 600x400x30/80mm Drop Edge (Made From One Piece)
  • 600x400x30mm Bullnose Edge (On One Long Side)

Stepping Stones:

  • 800x400x30mm
  • 1200x400x30mm


  • 90x90x20mm On Mesh (Sheet Size 600x400mm)

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