Leggero Travertine Step Treads

  • Leggero Travertine Step Treads

Product Information

  • Leggero Travertine Step Treads are durable and strong natural stone step treads imported directly from Turkey. They have warm and sophisticated natural tones that create a timeless antique look that can blend harmoniously in many landscapes. Leggero Travertine Tumbled bullnose steps can withstand extreme climate changes and most weather conditions, making them an ideal option for outdoor installations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Honed and Unfilled
  • High Density
  • Can be Submerged
  • Stays Cool in Direct Sunlight
  • Available in French Pattern

Available Sizes

Step Treads:

  • 1210x406x30mm Bullnose (One One Long Side)


  • 406x406x30mm
  • 610x406x30mm
  • 200x100x30mm
  • French Pattern 30mm


  • 610x406x12mm
  • 406x406x12mm
  • French pattern 12mm


  • 406x406x30/80mm Drop Edge (Mitred)
  • 610x406x30/80mm Drop Edge (Mitred)
  • 406x406x30mm Bullnose (One One Long Side)
  • 610x406x30mm Bullnose (One One Long Side)
  • 406x406x30mm Pencil Edge (One One Long Side)
  • 610x406x30mm Pencil Edge (One One Long Side)
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