Aqua Mix Stone Restorers

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Polished stone surfaces such as marble bring a touch of luxury to your interiors. Marble countertops in your kitchen, for example, will set it apart from the rest, providing a functional yet stunning space to cook, live, and enjoy. And if you have stone, marble or limestone flooring in your house, you will appreciate the elegance and beauty that it brings to your interior.

While these materials may be beautiful, they are also naturally porous and so will be subject to staining, as well as surface scratching and etching. Over time they may also lose their soft sheen and distinctive good looks, which is why these surfaces benefit from regular maintenance as well as restoration.

The good news is that you can effortlessly bring your stone, marble or limestone back to life with our Aqua Mix Stone Restorers, providing a simple and effective solution for restoring your surface’s natural beauty.

Renue Polishing Cream from our range can help you recapture that fresh, newly-fitted look for your vanities, flooring, and bathroom and kitchen countertops made from a variety of materials including marble, limestone and travertine.

While these surfaces are naturally vulnerable to wear and tear from everyday use, the simple application of Renue Polishing Cream – no machinery required – will restore the natural beauty and shine of dull, lightly scratched or etched calcium-based polished stone surfaces. Bringing your beautiful stone surface back to life really is that easy and effective!

If you have any questions or queries relating to restoring the natural beauty of your stone surfaces, contact us and gain friendly – and expert – advice and guidance.