Aqua Mix Problem Solvers

Our comprehensive range of Aqua Mix Problem Solvers provides the complete solution to keeping your outdoor area clean, pristine and as beautiful as the day it was laid. Tackling stubborn problems such as leftover residue, our products work tirelessly but gently to ensure your stone and tiles’ natural beauty shines through.

Eff-Ex Efflorescence Remover not only removes but also prevents the production of efflorescence – the deposit of salts on your stone or tile surfaces that can mar their appearance. This safe formula works gently but effectively, with no damage to surfaces.

Nanoscrub Professional is a stain and residue remover for tiles, using nano-sized particles to get right to the problem and scrub it away. Suitable for use on a range of stone and tile surfaces, its many uses include removing waxes, finishes, grout and dirt.

Perfect for clearing up a whole host of residues, Cement Grout Haze Remover tackles grout and mineral deposits, rust and hard water stains, soap scum and efflorescence.

A multi-purpose stripper, Sealer & Coating Remover makes light work of removing sealers, adhesive, paint, grout haze and a range of synthetic coatings. With a unique ability to stay wet longer to allow time to remove residues, this product packs a powerful punch.

Ex-Treme® is a unique gel cleaner designed to remove rust and other stains from red soil, soot, smoke and rust, and even air pollution and carbon build-up. Safe, easy to use, non-flammable and suitable for many surfaces.

Grout Haze Clean Up is an effective way to remove cement-based grout and latex-based film from tiles in its diluted form, or as a concentrate to get rid of grout residue soon after the grouting process.

Ideal for removing stubborn grease and oil stains gently but effectively, Poultice Stain Remover can also be used as an abrasive to get rid of stains and grout haze.

Contact us for more information on the product you need to provide the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area.

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