Aqua Mix Grout Colorants

Aqua Mix Grout Colourants are versatile and effective products that can restore the original colour of your grout and even change it to a completely different shade.

There’s nothing more disheartening than old, tired or stained grout in your kitchen or bathroom. But imagine being able to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom simply by applying a grout colourant. This must-have product means you can make over a whole room with little effort and the minimum of equipment!

Or, if you simply want to upscale the intensity of your grout’s original colour, apply Aqua Mix Grout Colourants to provide a restorative and transforming effect.

Our Grout Colourant is the perfect product to fulfil any of these tasks. This water-based epoxy – a synthetic polymer that provides a long-lasting finish – restores or changes your grout’s colour and seals it for a durable effect.

Not only will it revitalise the look of your grout, but it will also provide tough stain protection and ensure that future cleaning is effective and effort-free.

With a range of 20 colours on offer, you are sure to find a shade to match your existing grout or be tempted by a change to its colour and overall look.

Grout colourant can be used on unsanded, sanded and epoxy grout joints, whether they are inside or outside your house. Equally effective on new or old grout, you will love the fresh, clean look that this product delivers.

Want to know more about how Aqua Mix Grout Colourants can transform the look of your tiled interior? Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert, friendly advice on your extensive colour range.

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